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Video: How not to get lost in France

VIDEO 1: Don’t get lost in France
Hey French Speak-ers,

Below is a short interactive 7 minutes video filled with practical sentences to ensure you won’t get lost on your next trip to France.  It provides:

Get some help pronouncing place names
Understanding basic directions
Learn about the area of Lyon.

Watch the video and enjoy!

Finding your way around
Below are […]

The Atlantic’s Tour de France 2012 photo collection

The Atlantic magazine’s web site has published some stunning photos from the first few stages of the Tour de France 2012.  I strongly encourage you to visit the site here.

Have you been watching the Tour this year?  What has been your favourite part of the ride so far?

A Great Night and One Big Croquembouche…

Last night French Speak threw our "Thank You" party for our past and present students, and friends. It was wonderful being able to celebrate French Speak's first anniversary surrounded by all the people who have made the past year possible.

It’s Election Time In France

It seems that in the first few months of 2012 we haven’t been able to escape the political cycle. The State elections are recently over in Queensland with a resounding win for the LNP. And our local government representatives will be voted in on Saturday.

It’s also election time in France, where a number of […]

Absolute Beginner French Classes Starting In April and May

We have brand new courses of 10 week French lessons beginning in April for Absolute Beginners.
Brisbane CBD
One hour French lessons will be held on Wednesdays starting at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. All classes will be held at a popular French patisserie, and eating in class is definitely allowed!

The cost is $25 per lesson, on […]

Will This Mean The End Of Rude French Service?

Even more so than the “average” Australian, I am very much aware of the stereotypical French waiter (and catch myself often apologising for them): they are rude, mock your attempts to speak French and treat you like you are … English!

Therefore I was delighted to find out that in an effort for France to […]

11 Ways To Memorise Your French Vocabulary

Have you just come out of your French lesson with a long vocabulary list and a spinning head? Not sure how you are going to learn all these words in time for next week? Try out some of the tips below.
1. Verbalise the new words
Repeat them out loud. When you come across a new […]

Are You Enjoying the 2012 French Film Festival?

Bonjour French Speak-eurs,

We are half-way through the French Film Festival and I am loving this year’s line-up. I have seen three movies so far, and have four more to look forward to!

Each day I have students telling me about another movie I should add to the list. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the […]

Interested in owning an entire French village?

If you have been house-hunting lately, this may be of interest to you…

You might be able to buy an entire village for the same amount that it costs to buy a house here.

The small village of Courbefy, in the Limousin region (central France), has been put up for sale for €330,000. The hamlet includes […]

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome to the Frog Blog!  Bienvenue au Frog Blog!
Whether you have an interest in France, the French language or if you are already one of my French Speak students, here you can freely read the regular posts in your own time to find out more about:

Language learning tips
Facts about the French
French recipes
Discover and Travel […]