Video: How not to get lost in France

VIDEO 1: Don’t get lost in France
Hey French Speak-ers,

Below is a short interactive 7 minutes video filled with practical sentences to ensure you won’t […]

The Atlantic’s Tour de France photo collection

The Atlantic magazine’s web site has published some stunning photos from the first few stages of the Tour de France 2012.  I strongly encourage […]

Will This Mean The End Of Rude French Service?

Even more so than the “average” Australian, I am very much aware of the stereotypical French waiter (and catch myself often apologising for them): […]

11 Ways To Memorise Your French Vocabulary

Have you just come out of your French lesson with a long vocabulary list and a spinning head? Not sure how you are going […]

Interested in owning an entire French village?

If you have been house-hunting lately, this may be of interest to you…

You might be able to buy an entire village for the same […]

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome to the Frog Blog!  Bienvenue au Frog Blog!
Whether you have an interest in France, the French language or if you are already one […]

Travelling through France by Train

Train is a great way to travel around France
There are a few simple words and phrases you can learn to make travelling by train […]