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Video Talk about shopping in French

Hey French Speak-ers,

Here is another short interactive video filled with practical sentences to help with the all-important shopping, you will learn how to:

–          Ask for items and quantities of food at the market

–          Ask for help to find things in the supermarket

–          Talk about shopping habits and preferences

–          Practise listening for and understanding prices

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Montreal travel review from a student

I was in Montréal for a few days at the beginning of August to attend a music festival, called Osheaga, and also to surprise a friend that moved over.

I loved my short time in Montréal. It is such a beautiful city and I really enjoyed visiting the historic precinct which was only a short […]

French movie review: Monsieur Lazhar

The newly acclaimed film MONSIEUR LAZHAR did not disappoint when a group of French Speak students went to the movies. This profoundly moving story – set in Montréal – was one of the best movies of the year and highly recommend it to anyone who is happy to watch a movie with subtitles.

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Video: Talk about your work

Video 3 Talk about your work
Hey French Speak-ers,

Here is a short interactive video filled with practical sentences to help with talking about ‘le travail’ (work), you learn how to:

–          Tell people what you do and since when

–          Talk about your working hours using the 24 hour clock

–          Explain whether you like it or not

–          […]

Video: French Names and How to spell them

Video 2 Names and How to spell them!
Hey French Speak-ers,

Here is a short interactive video filled with practical sentences to help with saying new words and spelling them:

–          Recognise some common French acronyms

–          Say the alphabet

–          Spell your name (vital skill- if only to ask for your hotel room)

–          Learn how to explain what […]

Video: How not to get lost in France

VIDEO 1: Don’t get lost in France
Hey French Speak-ers,

Below is a short interactive 7 minutes video filled with practical sentences to ensure you won’t get lost on your next trip to France.  It provides:

Get some help pronouncing place names
Understanding basic directions
Learn about the area of Lyon.

Watch the video and enjoy!

Finding your way around
Below are […]

The Atlantic’s Tour de France 2012 photo collection

The Atlantic magazine’s web site has published some stunning photos from the first few stages of the Tour de France 2012.  I strongly encourage you to visit the site here.

Have you been watching the Tour this year?  What has been your favourite part of the ride so far?

Delightful afternoon at the Musee d’Orsay exhibition

Check out the photos from our lovely afternoon at QAG followed by High Tea here.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!



A Great Night and One Big Croquembouche…

Last night French Speak threw our "Thank You" party for our past and present students, and friends. It was wonderful being able to celebrate French Speak's first anniversary surrounded by all the people who have made the past year possible.

It’s Election Time In France

It seems that in the first few months of 2012 we haven’t been able to escape the political cycle. The State elections are recently over in Queensland with a resounding win for the LNP. And our local government representatives will be voted in on Saturday.

It’s also election time in France, where a number of […]