We strive to meet your expectations. Students from diverse backgrounds offer truthful assessment of their learning experience at French Speak. Over time we have adapted to meet the expectations of French language students, and today we are proud to present a portfolio of student testimonials that suggests that we’re among the best French language schools in Brisbane.

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Here are some testimonials from our students

Angela B

Victoria got a HA in French, thanks to you she managed to raise her French mark a little, it was slipping but she ended up with a B+. French Speak gave us just what we needed at a very late stage, very accommodation and understanding, thanks so much.

Maree G

Devy is incredibly friendly and helpful. She’s happy for you to call up during the week to assist with pronunciation etc. She is flexible and provides ability to skype into lessons if you’re away.

— Maree G —

Cathy M

I wanted to say thank you very much for tutoring Rebecca, she excelled this year and i know that the tutoring enabled this. you will be happy to hear i am sure that she graduated in the end as Dux of her school with a very high VHA in French so thank you, it’s a true testament to your skills and patience.

Liam S

Devy is a great teacher. She is patient, explains things in an easy to understand manner, and provides great real-world examples.

— Liam S —

Murray H

Enthusiastic and welcoming to all students.

Alisa S

Devy is a great tutor – she made her lessons fun and enjoyable, and ensured we were pushing ourselves in our learning. And she was always prepared and prompt for our lessons. I look forward to studying further with her.

— Alisa S —

Victoria G

Just what we needed at a very late stage, very accommodating and understanding

Tara C

Devy provided excellent examples to practice with around real situations you would need when travelling. It was fun and Devy provided a great way to learn.

— Tara C —

Paul S

Sophie is an excellent tutor. I have been having classes and am thoroughly enjoying learning the language. Sophie is able to relate and explain things in a way that makes sense and is memorable. She also finds appropriate exercises that help with the parts that I have found most difficult. It is very interesting and I look forward to becoming fluent.

I would certainly recommend French Speak to anyone who is looking to learn French.

— Paul S —

Katie E

I started learning beginners French in preparation for moving to Europe. I look forward to Devy’s classes each week and appreciate her friendly, encouraging nature. Each class is fun and Devy spends a lot of time preparing lessons. I highly recommend her as a French tutor.

— Katie E —


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