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Learning French can be difficult at the best of times, but it can be even harder when you have limited time.

I understand, truly. Between work, family and social life, plus whatever other hobbies you try to enjoy, finding the time to practice can be tricky.

To help you with that, I’ve compiled a list of our best online courses for learning French. That’s right, you can now learn from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, whenever it suits you.

Fabuleux, non ?

But before we get started, let’s cover a few of the basics you need to know before embarking on self-study.

Get these foundational concepts in place, and your practice sessions will be more enjoyable and help you retain new information.

First and foremost: Be prepared to practice

Not just once, but many times.

Think of it like learning to swim. You don’t just jump in the water, try it once and win an Olympic medal, right? Of course not! It takes time and hard work, and a lot of practice.

So be prepared to review new words, phrases and sounds over and over again – until they stick.

Remember to space out your learning so it stays in your long term memory 

Second: Any French learning, is good French learning

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “I don’t have 30 or 60 minutes to devote to French, so I won’t do any study today”. Do this, and you’ll find you’re putting off your studies most days.

If you only have 10 minutes, that is still enough. If you only have 5 minutes, that is still enough! Great learning comes from repetition. Even the smallest revision will help you to learn.

Instead of tackling something brand new in a short study session, why not use 5 minutes to recall something you learned recently?

Third: it’s okay to get things wrong

Mistakes happen, and we need to accept this. Better yet, embrace them!

We learn some of our biggest lessons not by getting things perfect on the first go, but from making mistakes along the way. When we make mistakes, we’re effectively learning how not to do something.

Now that we’ve covered those basics, it’s time to tell you all about our French Speak courses.

devy teaching

Let’s start at the beginning:

My First French Lesson

This is one of our free courses and gives you the perfect building blocks to begin your French journey. Never taken a French class before? Start here. We’ll walk you through the absolute basics so you can start mastering the beautiful language that is French.

Get it here

Get Started in French

Ready to dive into a more in-depth style of class?

This paid course is 6 weeks of consistent and supported French learning. You’ll have access to workbooks and weekly videos, plus we’ll give you a FREE 1-hour French tuition session!

Join us here

The Art of Counting in French

Another one of our free French courses takes you through the wonderful world of counting in French. Numbers seem to trip up even the cleverest novice French learner, so let us guide you through the correct order and pronunciation of French numbers.

This course will ensure you are understood and can understand.

Get it here

Beyond Beginner French

Been studying for a while?

Our beyond beginner course is a group program over 12 weeks. This guided program is designed to help you move out of Beginner level. Covering all the basics, this course includes video trainings and group call sessions so you can practice with other learners!

Topics covered include: Your world, Out and about and Eating & Drinking whilst also covering a variety of tenses: Present, Past Perfect and Near Future

Some of the bonuses include:

Access to your teacher Devy for the length of the Beyond Beginner program

+ 3 special Pronunciation trainings for practice and feedback: ‘Perfect your French accent’

+ a private French students group on Facebook.

Join us here 


Thinking of validating your French with an internationally recognised exam?

This free course walks you through everything you need to know about the DELF/DALF exams!

It stands for ‘Diplome d’Etudes de Langue Francaise’ or ‘ ‘Diplome Avance de Langue Francaise’. You will get to test your skill level in: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

Get it here


These are the current courses available with us at French Speak, but don’t forget there are plenty of other resources available in this digital age!

From podcasts to video blogs to online forums; there’s no reason you can’t spend 5 minutes or more on your French practice.

Come along to the French Speak: Unlock Your French Facebook group and find other like-minded students, ready to practice speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Hosted by Devy, this group is filled with fun challenges, free video content and a supportive network of friendly individuals.

Any questions just let us know here