March 17, 2014

Meet our Brisbane French Tutors

Here at French Speak we are unique individuals who share one overarching passion when it comes to teaching French—it’s that as tutors and instructors we want solidarity with our students’ objectives.

We want you to learn. This is not a passive ‘job’ but a mission, and you can trust us to care about your French language acquisition. Here we present ourselves to you so that you can get to know your Brisbane French tutors beforehand. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!

Our Brisbane Tutors

[one_third last=”no”][person name=”Devy Baseley” picture=”” pic_link=”” name_link=”” title=”Director, French Speak” email=”” linktarget=”_self”]Devy founded French Speak in 2011. After leaving France in 2001 she taught French in Ireland, England and Australia. She lives in Indooroopilly with her husband and daughter.[/person][/one_third]

[one_third last=”no”][person name=”Marine Berthon” picture=”” pic_link=”” name_link=”” title=”French tutor” email=”” linktarget=”_self”]Marine visited Australia in 2010 and loved Brisbane so much that she decided to call it home!  She is studying her Masters of Education (French).[/person][/one_third]

[one_third last=”yes”][person name=”Karine Schenk” picture=”” pic_link=”” name_link=”” title=”French tutor” email=”” linktarget=”_self”]Karine S joined French Speak in March 2015. Her adult, high school and daycare students all love her teaching style and it’s not surprising with over 20 years’ experience.[/person][/one_third]


Our Online Tutors

[one_third last=”no”][person name=”Helen Doherty” picture=”” pic_link=”” name_link=”” title=”French tutor” email=”” linktarget=”_self”]Helen moved to France in the 1970s and never looked back!  With over 25 years of teaching experience under belt, she teaches our French In France immersion groups in Provence, as well as providing online tutoring to students.[/person][/one_third]