July 8, 2013

French for Intermediate Beginners

Beginners 2 French Syllabus

For learners who have completed French for Beginners 1, or for those who have had previous experience with the language and want to review it, our French for Beginners 2 course syllabus is the optimal choice. You will gain confidence while consolidating what you’ve learned with this course’s material. French for Beginners 2 also suits those interested in French for travellers.

Course content

Get by in French Grammar Vocabulary
  • The time
    Asking and giving the time
    Asking when the shops/museums open
  • Shopping
    Asking for prices and describing what you want
  • Travelling
    Buying your tickets. Asking for information
  • French ‘speed dating’
    Talking about your family
  • Present tense for verbs
    in –ER, -IR and –RE
  • Present tense of irregular verbs
  • Verbs: To be able to & To want
    To know
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Food and Drink
  • Shops
  • Packaging and measures
  • Family
  • Weather forecast

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