July 8, 2013

French for Advanced Beginners

Beginners 3 French Syllabus

French for Beginners 3 is the most advanced of the three beginner courses. It is designed for students who have completed the second stage or for those learners with previous exposure to French looking to build their knowledge. It’s a great course for consolidating what you’ve learned, practicing it and using it to prepare for an upcoming trip. Travellers who don’t want to lose the French they’ve learned also fit well in this course.

Course content

Get by in French Grammar Vocabulary
  • Wants and Wishes
    Expressing your wants
    Talk about why you’re learning French
  • My day
    Talking about daily routine and the working day
  • French Shopping
    Learn how to describe an outfit
    Expressing yourself when buying clothes, shoes and bags
  • Home
    Describing your home
    Reading French property ads
  • Visiting the doctor
    Body parts
    Describing symptoms
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Revisions – Present tense
  • Using:
    Avoir Aller
    Etre Faire
    Vouloir Pouvoir
  • Clothes
  • Colours and shapes
  • Parts of the body
  • Food
  • Rooms and features of the house

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