July 8, 2013

French for Elementary Beginners

Elementary 1 French Syllabus

For students who have completed the Beginners 1, 2 and 3 courses, the Elementary 1 course syllabus is the next step. It is also open to students who have previous experience with French and would fit well in this level.

Students in Elementary 1 will further their confidence in speaking and listening. They will also consolidate structures learned in the previous three Beginners courses.

This course is best suited to students who want to build on their French to be able to construct sentences from scratch.

Course Content

Vocabulary topics Grammar
  • Saying what people are like
    (family, friends)
  • Personality traits
  • Work timetable (frequency)
  • Hobbies and Leisure time
  • Around the home
    (rooms, chores…)
  • Describing a past event
    (weekend, holiday)
  • Making suggestions
    (activity, restaurant)
  • Talking about future plans
  • Reporting a problem
    (relating an incident, making a police report)
  • Socialise
    (sending and replying to an invitation)
  • Further uses of the verb Avoir
    (e.g. To need, To feel like, To look like…)
  • Immediate Future
    (e.g. I’m going to… We’re going to…)
  • Perfect tense
    Past actions (e.g. I had, I was, I did…)
  • Expressions of Possession
    (e.g. my, your, his, her, our, their)
  • To Know
    2 verbs to express knowing
  • Focus on asking questions
    Who? Where? When? Why? Do you…


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