July 8, 2013

French for Elementary 2 Course Syllabus

Elementary 2 French Syllabus

Our French for Elementary 2 course syllabus is focused on learners who have finished the Beginners terms or who have had previous contact with the language and wish to further their knowledge and grammar, become more confident in speaking and listening and consolidate and practice what they have already covered. This course is also ideal for those who would like to build on their French and be equipped with the language tools to start making sentences from scratch.

Course content

Vocabulary topics Grammar
  • Following a recipe
    (food, ingredients, cooking instructions)
  • French Wines
    (choosing and commenting)
  • Commenting on a meal
    (thanking the host)
  • Buying presents
    (souvenirs, sales)
  • Asking for advice and explanations
    (making a complaint)
  • Simple Future
    (e.g. We will be, I will see, they won’t have)
  • Imperfect Past tense
    Past actions (e.g. I had, I was, I did…)


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