June 15, 2012

Help with High School French Exams

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Young students required to learn a language in the context of a high school classroom are often overwhelmed at the task. It doesn’t help that there are two dozen others pupils. We offer high school French help in the form of series of five or ten private or online 1-on-1 lessons, with the aim of preparing your son or daughter to succeed in their upcoming French exam.

We also encourage advanced students considering French in university to take advantage of our high school French lessons. When you begin university French, you’ll be better prepared to impress your lecturer. You can even use your French skills to apply for a term of study overseas in France or Switzerland for example. We have helped many students get ready for their study abroad.

In these private tutoring lessons, we review and consolidate the fundamentals of French in order to ensure the student’s complete understanding of the material. Each session is customised to allocate focus where it is needed most, be it writing, reading, speaking, listening or pronunciation. Our French native-speaking tutors will be the student’s go-to expert for effective exam and memorisation techniques, but above all they will present French in such a fun light that they will generate their own continued interest in the language.

We want students to achieve great results; their success is our shared reward!

French Lesson Format

High school French tutoring lessons are based on private tuition. We can also group students into small, efficient groups of the same level.


These private lessons will take place in the French tutor´s studio, or in yours or their home. A travel surcharge may apply in cases where a tutor needs to travel to your Brisbane residence.


  • Private: from $54 per hour (prepaid)
  • 2 classmates: from $31 each per hour (prepaid)

Download French Speak’s full price guide here.


Private French lessons for high schoolers take place Monday to Friday from 3.30pm or Saturdays and they run year-round. During holidays, classes are also available for a more intensive revision schedule if needed.


I wanted to say thank you very much for tutoring Rebecca, she excelled this year and i know that the tutoring enabled this. you will be happy to hear i am sure that she graduated in the end as Dux of her school with a very high VHA in French so thank you, it’s a true testament to your skills and patience.

Thank you so much for your help this year! I am very happy to tell you that my overall result for French Extension was an A- which I am delighted with! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher. I have really enjoyed our weekly lessons. I will be in touch with you again in the New Year.

Victoria got a HA in French, thanks to you she managed to raise her French mark a little, it was slipping but she ended up with a B+. French Speak gave us just what we needed at a very late stage, very accommodation and understanding, thanks so much.

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