Why learn French in small groups?

Absolute beginners and beginners will greatly benefit by collaborating with others in our small group French lessons. All levels will get more exposure to the language because there is more time to actually use it together. While more advanced learners hone their skills, beginners enjoy a focused lesson that presents useful everyday French.

How big are these small groups?

Our Brisbane French lessons are conducted in groups of no more than 8 students. More often than not, the group consists of just 4 to 6 learners.

How are small group lessons conducted?

Although the ambiance is informal and fun, the content matter is serious—but don’t worry, your native French tutor will create a seamless experience wherein the important aspects of the language are transmuted and retained. Following each small group class, you’ll receive the tutor’s notes with optional homework to complete.

Frequency and Availability of Lessons

A single term of small group French tutoring in Brisbane comprises 12 one-hour classes, held once per week. Entry is open year-round, and you’ll be matched to other students of your level. Hours are flexible but classes tend to be held on Monday-Friday in the evenings.

Where in Brisbane is your small group French lesson?

Each of our native French-speaking tutors has access to teaching locations around Brisbane. Whether you’re in North, South, East or West Brisbane, our small group classes are accessible to you.

Who’s suited to these classes?

Learning French in a small group environment is particularly well-suited to:

  • anyone who wants to learn French or improve upon their knowledge
  • those especially interested in meeting other learners of the French language
  • friends or relatives who decide to learn French all together, and
  • those intrigued by our superb deal; at $22 per person per hour, learning French with French Speak is accessible.

How much does it cost to learn French in Brisbane?

Click to download our price guide.


Just what we needed at a very late stage, very accommodating and understanding

Enjoyable and informative lessons

I really appreciated Devy trying to teach us tricks to remember various things and offering a wide range of different learning methods – e.g listening, writing activities etc, without too much pressure put on us to remember things! Thanks

Devy is enthusiastic and makes learning fun. Devy also organises great out of class activities for us to experience different parts of french culture.

Devy welcomes all to the class with a great smile and a wonderful enthusiasm. She adapts the course material to suit the readiness of the students as far as possible. She welcomes questions and is a very good teacher. HIghly recommended.

Friendly and knowledgeable, Devy has helped me grasp the basics of French and take me to an intermediate level! My goal was to learn so I could communicate better with my in-laws and it has worked, they always compliment me on my progress… I recommend her classes to everyone who is daunted about learning a new language. Her classes are always fun and very interesting.

Enthusiastic and welcoming to all students.

I highly recommend Devy’s French lessons because her lessons are structured and paced to meet the level of your understanding. I had studied French before in school, but never went beyond the beginner’s level. I was quite nervous to join the group at first since I had not brushed up on my French since my University days. However, her lessons were well constructed and allowed me to learn the practical French that I had been wanting to learn – without the unnecessary pressure of tests and exams! After a year of lessons with Devy, I have progressed my understanding of the French language. I feel I can continue to learn French at this pace comfortably. If anyone is interested in starting French, please do not hesitate.

— Asako —

I have thoroughly enjoyed Beginners 1 with Devy. It is such a friendly, relaxed and non-threatening environment in which to learn the French language.

I am amazed at how much we covered in 12 weeks and can’t wait to begin Beginners 2!

I started learning beginners French in preparation for moving to Europe. I look forward to Devy’s classes each week and appreciate her friendly, encouraging nature. Each class is fun and Devy spends a lot of time preparing lessons. I highly recommend her as a French tutor.

— Katie E —

Devy is a great tutor – she made her lessons fun and enjoyable, and ensured we were pushing ourselves in our learning. And she was always prepared and prompt for our lessons. I look forward to studying further with her.

— Alisa S —

Devy is fantastic – incredibly friendly, and knowledgeable… She is able to answer all my questions about pronunciation and grammar!!!

— Maree G —

Fantastic tutoring, great knowledge and you learn FAST! I am having a great time learning French.

— Rachel J —

Devy is a great teacher. She is patient, explains things in an easy to understand manner, and provides great real-world examples.

— Liam S —

I started learning French with Devy about 2 months ago and have already learned a lot. Devy has well planned out classes that are a lot of fun as well as being very productive. After the lesson each week Devy sends out a lesson overview with notes on everything we covered in class along with some relevant youtube videos to help us do revision. I highly recommend Devy and will continue to use her until I am fluent!

— Emma K —

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