June 15, 2012

University French Revision in Brisbane

Prepare for your next French Exam in Brisbane

University French is a difficult subject, no matter how well-versed in language you may be. It is in your best interest to do well, and seeking extra help is legitimate and recommendable.

Our University French Revision course is designed with university students in mind. However, any learners who want to hone in on their problem areas in French can enroll.

University French Revision Course

This course is highly customised to your specific needs. University students who want dedicated help to prepare for their next French exam are encouraged to contact us. Our trained native French tutors in Brisbane will review the materials and structures that you want to improve in. Whether you need to build confidence speaking French, improve listening, reading or writing skills, you have a trusted instructor in our experts. Above all, and despite the serious nature of your goals, our instructors will help you to see how learning French is fun.

Format & frequency

University French Revision classes are private tuition based. Conversely, if you are enrolling as a group of students of the same level, we can conduct small group French classes for you.

Where in Brisbane is the University French Revision course?

The course will be held in the tutor’s teaching studio, a library or a café of your choosing. Tutors can also come to your private home, in which a travel surcharge may apply.

How much does the University French Revision course cost?

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Reserve your private French tutor to prepare for your exam now

Don’t hesitate—contact us to start a conversation about your needs and goals. We’ll help you become a master of the structures you’re unsure about.


After struggling through my first semester of French at University I knew some urgent action was required. While searching for a private tutor, I was lucky enough to stumble upon an absolute gem – Devy! My French improved enormously and I went from barely passing the subject to getting high distinctions. Finally, grammar was explained in a logical way which made perfect sense to me! But it was my change in attitude that made the biggest difference. I suddenly found learning French fun and interesting (rather than terrifying).

I always looked forward to meeting weekly with Devy and became much more confident as a result. I would highly recommend French Speak to anyone looking to learn quality French in a supportive environment.

— Laura B —

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