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French Tutor Helen Doherty

Helen Doherty

Helen Doherty

Online French Tutor (Location: France)

Introducing Helen

Helen moved to France from Ireland when she was 18 and never left! She has spent the last 3 decades teaching English and French to the locals and non-native speakers, as well as organising cultural excursions and immersions.

Helen is the Group Leader on our French in France immersion groups, where she gets to show off the beautiful countryside of Provence and the French culture.

She also provides online French tuition to many of our French Speak students.

Where Helen teaches French

Distance used to be a problem for teaching Australian students, but no longer!

Helen provides online lessons (via Skype or Zoom) for French Speak learners at times which are mutually convenient whatever your time zone.

French in France immersion trip

Currently, French Speak hasn’t planned the dates for the next retreat/immersion trip.

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