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Started learning French with online lessons?

So you’ve signed up for online French lessons, and now you’re getting nervous.

Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel this way. It can be intimidating to try something new, and booking the lesson is the very first step. Congrats!

The second step helps you to feel more comfortable, confident and prepared for your French classes online, and that’s what we’ll be talking about here.

I’ve put together some French phrases to help with any vocabulary you need to learn or practice.

Let’s start at the beginning:

Before the class

These words and phrases can help you communicate any technical issues you are having prior to the lesson.

Your French tutor will be très impressionné if you ask for help in French!

Before the class = Avant le cours
I have a Zoom account = J’ai un compte Zoom
I’ve never used Skype = Je n’ai jamais utilisé Skype
I can’t find your link = Je ne retrouve pas le lien
Where do I log in = Où est-ce que je me connecte ?

At the beginning of the class

During the class, you may experience some technical difficulties. This is unfortunately common in the online world. Trouble with microphones, headphones and video are all part of the fun of online conferencing and video classes.

Try practicing these phrases so you can get into the flow of using French, even if something has gone

At the start of the class = Au début du cours
My video / sound is not working = Ma video/Mon son ne marche pas
I can’t see you yet = Je ne peux pas vous voir
I can’t hear anything = Je n’entends rien
Alright now I can see/hear you = Ça y est! Maintenant, je peux te/vous voir/entendre

At the end of your class

When your class has finished, you may want to give the tutor feedback on how you thought it went.
At French Speak, we always hope that you have a pleasant learning experience, but for good measure we’ve included some phrases to say you didn’t enjoy it at all.

You may want to tell your tutor that you actually enjoyed online learning! Or perhaps the opposite,
and tell them you prefer a classroom setting.

Here’s how to do it:

At the end = A la fin du cours
It’s great ! = C’était super! génial!
It’s awful ! = C’était terrible
It worked well = Ça a bien marché
I love learning online = J’adore apprendre en ligne
I prefer being in the same room as my French teacher = Je préfère être dans la même salle que mon
prof de français.


Whatever your experience learning online, we hope that you strive to continue using French as much as possible.

The more you use French, the better you’ll remember it!

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