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For 5 days, you will learn these French basics and to watch the replay daily and participate simply scroll down to the relevant day.

Click the video to view.


What Will You Learn in these 5 days?

– Basics of French pronunciation

– Greetings and Basic phrases
– Essential everyday vocabulary

– Simple sentences and questions
– French culture insights and more



In day 1 we cover the French alphabet,

I explain a few tricky letters and gave tips to make those French sounds + We cover the French vowels A E é è I O U + You’ll learn a key rule of French pronunciation about what to do with the final letter of a word.

Simply click the video below to watch the training.



Today we cover quite a bit: Greetings in French as well as Polite requests, Simple phrases to introduce yourself.

I also set a challenge for you to complete in the comments under the video.

Simply click the video below to access the training.



Watch the replay for Day 3 below if you couldn’t join us live for this training.

We discussed what makes French cafes true cultural icons and I shared how to get your coffee order just right as well as phrases about ordering in general.



Today, we went over French numbers and asking/understanding prices.

Please click the video below to watch this free training.



In this video, I teach you how to express some likes and dislikes and turn a sentence into negative form (not). Apologies as I realised at the end of the training that I had forgotten to switch my camera back on – I got too excited teaching you today’s French lesson. I challenge you to comment under the daily video and you can of course let me know if you have any questions. Watch the video below:


This free challenge is for absolute beginners or anyone wanted to start their learning from the beginning to get great foundations.

If you’d like to take the next step to learn with me, check out my GET STARTED IN FRENCH course.

Any questions, let me know here.