June 15, 2012

Special French Courses in Brisbane

Learn French in France

Come learn French by immersing yourself in the delectable cultural treasure of Provence. We’ll start making memories from Day One of the trip, and you’ll revisit them forever after.

French language workshops

Finally ready to conquer the tricky pronunciation of French? Or do you want to consolidate what you’ve already learned? Our French language workshops are just what you need.

Intensive French classes

Get serious, get French, and get it done fast. Our intensive French course is the next best thing after full immersion, helping you to assimilate and comprehend new structures quickly and efficiently.

Business French

For those who need to improve their communicative abilities in French for business purposes, this is the class for you. Learn how to speak on the go and converse comfortably on the phone.

French for travellers

Sometimes we just need to be able to interact on an everyday level. If you’re planning travel to France or a Francophone country, this Brisbane course will give you everything you’ll need to order at restaurants, get help and more.

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