June 15, 2012

Intensive French Course

What can an intensive French course offer?

The best way to learn a language is through immersion, and an intensive French course is the next best thing. You might be exceptionally motivated to learn French, or perhaps you are short on time and need to accelerate the learning process. In any case, our intensive French course in Brisbane is an effective solution to quickly expand your knowledge of and cement your capabilities in French.

Private Tuition or Small Group

As with our other French classes, your intensive French course can be either private tuition or with small groups of students at the same linguistic level.

How the intensive French course works

It is important that we establish your previous experience with French, whether in Brisbane or abroad, and outline your short and long-term objectives.

At French Speak our native French tutors do not lollygag—we get right down to the business of your language acquisition. From the minute the first class begins, you will be learning. No expense will be spared on the part of the instructor to ensure that you are comfortable and communicative in all aspects taught.

Given the intense nature of the lessons, we cover speaking, reading, listening, writing, new vocabulary and grammar. The intensive French course is geared toward preparing you with practical French, confidence and fluency.


Our Brisbane intensive French courses range from weekly half-days to a full week of half or full days. The less time you have to fill your mind with non-French stimuli, the better!

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