Even more so than the “average” Australian, I am very much aware of the stereotypical French waiter (and catch myself often apologising for them): they are rude, mock your attempts to speak French and treat you like you are … English!

Therefore I was delighted to find out that in an effort for France to become an even-more popular tourist destination, the French government has launched a new web site designed to improve the way France welcomes foreign visitors. This new web site (in English) allows tourists to leave suggestions or compliments to help improve the visitor experience in France by letting people share their positive – and not so positive – experiences.  The government hopes this will put an end to rude French service once and for all!

France’s tourist attractions are often praised for their diversity and richness but the French Tourism Minister Frederic Lefebvre acknowledges that some areas also require further efforts to improve tourist relations.

If you are about to, or have recently, travelled to France you can register at www.accueil.rendezvousenfrance.com.  You are free to leave your comments and read the experiences of your fellow traveller about transport, sites, restaurants, accommodation, security…

Have you experienced rude service in France?

Tell us about it below.  We would love to hear about it!