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Just for fun… I’ve put a list together called ‘Pardon my French!’

Today, I’m excited to share a special treat: ‘Un Petit Twist Français’ – a handpicked collection of everyday French expressions that are as delightful as they are useful. And guess what? They’re all in the ‘safe zone’, so you can sprinkle them into your conversations without a hint of worry..

I don’t like to curse or use rude or vulgar language in either languages just pure, casual French charm!

Just casual and sometimes familiar…

Just before we start:

it’s crucial to remember the art of context. These phrases are perfect for a laugh with friends or a casual chat with family, but perhaps keep them in your pocket when meeting someone new or chatting with your boss. After all, we’re all about sophistication with a dash of fun, aren’t we?

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of expressions. And yes, there’s a video to guide you through the pronunciations. You’ll be sounding like a native French speaker in no time!

Remember to adjust your French to whoever you’re speaking to and make sure not to offend anyone… bien sûr!

I comfortably use these with my family and friends BUT I’d never use them with a stranger, a teacher or people I’ve just met.

Here is the list of common French expressions:

  1. Et toc! – “Serves you right!” Use this when karma does its job, and you’re there to see it.
  2. C’est chouette, hein? – “Great, isn’t it?” Perfect for those moments when you agree something is simply wonderful.
  3. Ça a l’air bidon – “It seems phoney.” For those too-good-to-be-true moments.
  4. Il est faux jeton – “He’s hypocritical, two-faced.” We all know someone who fits this bill, n’est-ce pas?
  5. C’est que du vent – “This is just hot air.” When someone’s promises are as empty as a deflated balloon.
  6. Je rêve! – “I’m dreaming, I must be dreaming!” For those pinch-me moments or disbelief.
  7. J’y crois pas! – “I can’t believe it!” Whether in shock or awe, this phrase is your go-to.
  8. Fais-moi des vacances! – “Give me a break.” Because sometimes, we all need one.
  9. Qu’est-ce que tu racontes? – “What are you talking about?” Ideal for those utterly baffling moments.
  10. J’ai la crève – “I have a cold.” Pretty straight-forward.
  11. J’ai mal au bide – “I have a tummy ache.” Maybe after a too-big 3-course meal in a French bistro.
  12. J’ai la gueule de bois – “I have a hangover.” A souvenir from last night’s champagne soirée perhaps.
  13. Tu veux de la flotte? – “Do you want water?” Hydration, but make it French.
  14. Ça roule. – “Alright, Okay.” For when you’re too cool for school, calm, and collected.

I hope you enjoy weaving these phrases into your French tapestry of conversation. Remember, the secret ingredient is your own flair. So, watch the video, practice a bit, and before you know it, you’ll be charming everyone with your authentic French expressions. Et voilà, you’re ready to add a little more ‘joie de vivre’ to your daily chit-chat!

And as always, if you’d like to learn some more French
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