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Learn French – Advanced


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Pronounce and understand french better

Master your French pronunciation and improve comprehension


Stop Second-Guessing How To Pronounce French

Finally gain the confidence you need to be understood when speaking French and understand more in conversations.


Learn how to master tricky French sounds with ease


Listening to and understanding French can be a big challenge for many.

The French language consists of a range of tricky sounds that can leave learners tongue-tied and confused.

In this training, I teach you how to improve your French listening skills and master tricky French sounds with ease.

Online Lessons for Advanced French Language Students (C1-C2)

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Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Improve Your Spoken French & Understanding

Private 1-on-1 lessons, entirely tailored to your preferred time, location and pace of learning. Available weekly or intensives.

Free Online French Lessons

French Group Conversations

Improve Your French Conversation & Comprehension

This monthly online group conversation is perfect for English-speaking Beginner-Advanced French language students to practice their French with others.

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French Official Exam Preparation

Set Yourself Up For Success

Refocus your learning so you can hit your goal to speak and understand French with ease.

Perfect Your French Language & Conversation Skills

Learn Advanced French Language

Difficult French Words To Pronounce

How To Spot Shortened French Words

Everything You Need To Know About French Reflexive Verbs

French Verb Guide

Develop your French with our FREE French Verb Lookup Guide

Are you learning French and want help mastering French verb tenses? Download our FREE verb lookup guide for native English speakers to change how you think of the verb in an English sentence and choose the correct verb tense in French with ease.

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