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VIP French Lessons Brisbane

  • Learn directly with Devy Baseley, French Speak’s founder
  • Highly Personalised, Result focused French lessons
  • Highly Experienced French Teacher
  • Online 1:1 Private Tuition via Skype or Zoom
  • Result Focused
  • Highly Personalised
  • Highly Experienced French Teacher

VIP French Lessons With Devy

Why choose VIP French Lessons?

For those who are ready to step into their French and get results, this is the ideal option for you!
Highly experienced French teacher, you can have the chance to work with her one-on-one for private French tuition, you will benefit greatly from her result-focused and highly-personalised lessons.
Once you sign up, you’ll set a day and time to meet with Devy and you’ll be learning and improving in no time.

How often are private VIP French Lessons with Devy?

A minimum of one hour per week is needed to book a regular spot. This will ensure that you learn and retain what you’ve learned on a regular basis.
Students with more time to dedicate to learning French can consider some intensive program with 2-4 hours daily or weekly of private French lessons.

Who is best suited to private VIP French lessons?

Working directly with Devy is the best investment you can make if you’re ready to reach your language learning goal and get real results fast.
She can teach you at whatever level you are and also provide you with intensive French immersion lessons if you need to fast-track your French.
She’s helped many learners speak French to converse with their French in-laws, their colleagues in France or even be ready for a move to a French-speaking.
Have a chat with her if you want to accelerate your plans to refresh your French or plan to sit a French DELF exam.

Where are classes held?

Private VIP French lessons are usually held in our virtual Zoom classroom (similar to Skype lessons), some shared and group classes also take place in Brisbane’s western suburbs.
Classes can also be held in Brisbane city libraries, local cafés or at your place of work.

Booking Options

VIP 1 x 1hr Lessons

This will entitle you to one hour of VIP tuition with French Speak.

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Just click ADD TO CART below and follow the prompts.

VIP Block of 5 x 1hr Lessons

This will entitle you to five hours of VIP tuition with French Speak.

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Just click ADD TO CART and follow the prompts.

VIP Block of 11 x 1hr Lessons

This will entitle you to eleven hours of VIP tuition with French Speak.

You can pay by credit card or your PayPal login details ready. 

Just click ADD TO CART and follow the prompts.


My time studying with French Speak has been really beneficial to my study of French.

In particular, the one-on-one learning helped me to identity the areas which needed particular attention. I also found that having one consistent tutor helped me gain confidence.

This assisted me in passing my DELF exam.

I would recommend individual lessons of this kind to anybody seeking to improve their French.

Georgina H

Friendly and knowledgeable, Devy has helped me grasp the basics of French and take me to an intermediate level!

My goal was to learn so I could communicate better with my in-laws and it has worked, they always compliment me on my progress…

I recommend her classes to everyone who is daunted about learning a new language.

Her classes are always fun and very interesting.

I’ve been trying to study French on and off since school, but I’ve found French Speak to make the journey much more enjoyable.

Focus is applied to the areas of most use, ie; numbers, directions, introductions, and lots of practical applications.

Devy is passionate about her subject and makes it fun and easy!

I will be continuing on without a doubt.


Santina N

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