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About Me

My name is Devy Baseley (pronounced ‘Tey-vee’). I am the founder of a French school called French Speak, where I help people to connect with the true beauty and culture of my home country.

No matter if you’re learning French for the first time, or returning after a (long!) break, I can help you with programs that let you learn more effectively (let’s learn smarter, not harder!).

This short video is from an interview I had. If you’re keen to hear me explain all ‘About French Speak’ in FRENCH this time, click HERE

Languages have always been my second love (my first loves are, of course, France, and my beautiful family).  My own background is quite multicultural – my mum is Irish and spoke to me in English, while my dad is Cambodian, and spoke to me in French.

I was born in the heart of Paris and raised between Paris and Provence, Provence is where my family still live today.

When I moved to Brisbane, people would ask about my background – and almost without exception, would go on to say:

“Oh, I’d love to learn French. One day.”

followed by

‘…but I’m too busy’
‘…but I can’t afford lessons’
‘…but it’s not achievable – I learnt as a kid, I’m too old now’.

It made me so sad to see people missing out on the gorgeous colour, the rich history and the amazing flavours of France.

You’re never too old, when taught well it’s not hard or time consuming, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

I made it my mission to make learning French enjoyable, affordable and REAL. As your French teacher, I want to help you do more than stumble through a phrase book. I want you to lose yourself in the beauty of the language and the possibilities that come with travelling like a local.

Learning French means living your life NOW, not ‘one day…’


When you want to learn French, your dreams are greater than simply repeating the same old phrases in a classroom.

It’s confidently stepping into a café on the left bank in Paris, sweeping your travelling companions off their feet by boldly chatting with the waiter about the specials of the day – and being rewarded with an insider tip for a secret place that only the locals know.

France, just like the French language, is vibrant.
It’s gorgeous and passionate and full of colour.
There is so much to discover – why wait to explore?

Grow your mind, boost your confidence, explore the world

Learning French is a beautiful thing to do for yourself.

My French intensive courses, live online programs and our solo or group retreats are popular with people who want to:

  • do something just for them,
  • enjoy the confidence boost you get from learning something new,
  • even protect your mind against ageing by learning a language and exploring the world.

I often get asked these questions …

And my all-time favourite:

No matter if you’re preparing for your next holiday, looking for a beautiful hobby or rekindling a love for all things French…

Take a journey with French Speak.

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“I really want to do a HUGE shout out to Devy who has made me feel so confident coming to Paris by myself, on my first trip ever to Europe. Today, I walked into a cafe and said “bonjour, je voudrais un chocolat chau sil vous plait” to get my delicious hot chocolate.

Now, I don’t know about the spelling of it all but I can say that I pronounced it correctly, the waiter understood and he even taught me how to say “take away” but now I can’t remember how to say it.

The program has helped me so much in the lead up to me going away!

Merci Devy!”

- Jess M

“Devy has created an easy to follow and flexible program for beginners! Having the content online was great as it allowed me to complete the program with many other commitments, and also allowed me to go back and re-listen when I needed to.

The material was always easy to follow. As well as providing French vocabulary, Devy also gave a lot of assistance with pronunciation-both in video workshop and audio recordings. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn French!”

- Jess H