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Learn French – Upper Beginner


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beyond beginner french

Beyond Beginner French


Keen to learn how to start speaking and conversing with the French you already learned at the A1 level?

You’ll become more confident to get speaking using your French basics as we ensure you have the right foundations in just 90 days.

Pronounce and understand french better

Master your French pronunciation and improve comprehension


Stop Second-Guessing How To Pronounce French

Finally gain the confidence you need to be understood when speaking French and understand more in conversations.

Take our FREE French Verb Challenge

You’ll receive a new verb training video each day for 31 days to learn and

revise these 3 verb tenses: Present, Perfect Past, Simple Future

Free French Resources for Upper Beginners

Refresh your French with our DELF A2 Exam Prep Checklist

Free Online French Courses

Test your language skills with our French Verb Challenge

Sign Up to 31 Day French Verb Challenge

Learn how to pronounce tricky French sounds easily

Learn French Online Courses & Lessons Australia (5)

Develop your French with our handy verb lookup guide

French Verb Guide

French Lessons for Upper Beginners (A2)

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Private French Lessons

Private French Lessons

Learn French with the support, training and guidance of a native French teacher. Our teachers are all based in Australia and offer online or in-person French lessons and tutoring.

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French Online Group Conversations

Improve Your French Conversation & Comprehension

This online group conversation is perfect for English-speaking Beginner-Advanced French language students to practice their French with others.

Learn French Online Courses & Lessons Australia (5)

French Exam Preparation Consultations

Set Yourself Up For Success

Reignite your French and get speaking confidently with a personalised, busy-proof and fail-proof plan.


Learn how to master tricky French sounds with ease


Listening to and understanding French can be a big challenge for many.

The French language consists of a range of tricky sounds that can leave learners tongue-tied and confused.

In this training, I teach you how to improve your French listening skills and master tricky French sounds with ease.

Learning French Language for Upper Beginners

French Grammar Preposition DE

Make sentences in Negative form

How to talk about your Week in French

Advance Your French Beyond Beginner

French DELF A2 EXAM Checklist

Prepare for the DELF A2 Exam with our Free Checklist

This checklist features all grammar and topics for the Upper Beginner A2 DELF exam.

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