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French Speak Reviews

Our passion is to teach adults and we are dedicated to only be teaching French.
We value our French students’ feedback and appreciate when they share why they continue to learn French with French Speak with our online lessons or group programs.

Please contact us to become one of our

many happy French students

Our passion is to teach adults and we are dedicated to only be teaching French.
We value our French students’ feedback and appreciate when they share why they continue to learn French with French Speak with our online lessons or group programs.

Please contact us to become one of our many happy French students

Reviews from French Speak Students…

Our dedication to teaching French to adults started in 2011 in Brisbane and now we teach French to happy students around the world via Zoom or Skype or Whatsapp. 

Our experienced native French teachers deliver outstanding teachings for our students as you can tell from the kind feedback they shared with us. 

Before you read the amazing reviews for French Speak, did you know that Devy Baseley (Founder and Head teacher) was voted BEST French teacher by Duolingo learners.

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We’re also very proud of our 5-star reviews on Google

“I highly recommend Devy’s French lessons because her lessons are structured and paced to meet the level of your understanding. I had studied French before in school, but never went beyond the beginner’s level. I was quite nervous to join the group at first since I had not brushed up on my French since my University days. However, her lessons were well constructed and allowed me to learn the practical French that I had been wanting to learn – without the unnecessary pressure of tests and exams! After a year of lessons with Devy, I have progressed my understanding of the French language. I feel I can continue to learn French at this pace comfortably. If anyone is interested in starting French, please do not hesitate.”

~ Asako

“Friendly and knowledgeable, Devy has helped me grasp the basics of French and take me to an intermediate level! My goal was to learn so I could communicate better with my in-laws and it has worked, they always compliment me on my progress… I recommend her classes to everyone who is daunted about learning a new language. Her classes are always fun and very interesting.

~ Anon

“PwC were looking for innovative and creative team building ideas. French Speak came highly recommended, and with good reason: Devy is a wonderful tutor, the lessons are fun and rewarding, and we are thoroughly enjoying learning this beautiful language together.”

~ Shannon M

“Devy provided excellent examples to practice with around real situations you would need when travelling. It was fun and Devy provided a great way to learn.

~ Tara C

FrenchSpeak provided me with a solid footing in French language learning. In FrenchSpeak, I found a comfortable, accepting and flexible learning environment that provided learning sessions conducive to different learning styles. This helped me pick up grammar and conversation quickly and in a fun manner. Now, I use it to converse with my French speaking friends and it has opened up doors for me in my career direction and progression.

~ Ramon G

I highly recommend Devy and her team at French Speak. Devy is extremely patient and a very positive and enthusiastic teacher. She always puts in the extra effort to help us get speaking experience, ideas to help us keep up our practice and constant commitment on social media platforms to ensure there are different ways to engage her students. You will not regret learning with Devy and French Speak. Thanks again for your patience Devy!!

~ Maree R

The meetup sessions are convivial and facilitated with a “light touch” by Devy. I am gradually filling in the gaps in my French vocab, and confidence.

~ Jennifer E

This event was very fun and helpful. The smaller group is great for more individual feedback and it’s a nice size for group exercises.

~ Bethany

Good opportunity for speaking and listening in small groups

~ Caroline M

“After struggling through my first semester of French at University I knew some urgent action was required. While searching for a private tutor, I was lucky enough to stumble upon an absolute gem – Devy! My French improved enormously and I went from barely passing the subject to getting high distinctions. Finally, grammar was explained in a logical way which made perfect sense to me! But it was my change in attitude that made the biggest difference. I suddenly found learning French fun and interesting (rather than terrifying).

I always looked forward to meeting weekly with Devy and became much more confident as a result. I would highly recommend French Speak to anyone looking to learn quality French in a supportive environment.”

~ Laura B

“Devy is a great tutor – she made her lessons fun and enjoyable, and ensured we were pushing ourselves in our learning. And she was always prepared and prompt for our lessons. I look forward to studying further with her.”

~ Alisa S

“Devy is incredibly friendly and helpful. She’s happy for you to call up during the week to assist with pronunciation etc. She is flexible and provides ability to skype into lessons if you’re away.”

~ Maree G

“Devy is a great teacher. She is patient, explains things in an easy to understand manner, and provides great real-world examples.”

~ Liam S

The classes are very well structured and Devy is so very kind. She enjoys her work and is professional. Her infectious passion for speaking French is taught in a way that makes you want to learn more. She helps you along the way and is very engaging. I love how you work with other learners and practice your French. Devy is patient and engages you with a lot of lessons to improve your French.

~ Missie Valdiviez

Devy helped me build my confidence before heading off to France for our wedding celebration with French friends and family. Our special project was to translate our vows into French so I could share them with everyone and build on basic ‘familiar’ conversation (not too formal).
Thanks again Devy – many of the guests complimented that I spoke way better than the last time I was in France!

~ Katie G

It was a lot of fun, I was able to talk to people from many different countries.

~ Alberto

Devy, speaks clearly and slowly for beginners like me, to follow. But challenging enough to start thinking.

~ Marion P

Devy is an incredible instructor!!

~ Candace

“Devy (tutor) was excellent in presenting the classes. She brought an enthusiastic attitude and was very knowledgeable in all the course content. The lessons were always well prepared and the course content followed a logical structure.

B-Well was able to subside some of the employee costs, however the lessons were still great value for money. Many of the employees commented on their enjoyment of the course and found it to be an excellent way to network and meet other staff throughout the firm.”

~ Bhupesh K

“I started learning beginners French in preparation for moving to Europe. I look forward to Devy’s classes each week and appreciate her friendly, encouraging nature. Each class is fun and Devy spends a lot of time preparing lessons. I highly recommend her as a French tutor.”

~ Katie E

“I’ve been trying to study French on and off since school, but I’ve found French Speak to make the journey much more enjoyable. Focus is applied to the areas of most use, ie; numbers, directions, introductions, and lots of practical applications. Devy is passionate about her subject and makes it fun and easy! I will be continuing on without a doubt.”

~ Santina N

“Fantastic tutoring, great knowledge and you learn FAST! I am having a great time learning French.”

~ Rachel J

I’m so pleased that I found Devy to teach me French as an absolute beginner. From the start she was constantly in touch with me to work out what my requirements were. She determined exactly what my individual lesson planning should include, was incredibly patient and detailed in her teachings, and was encouraging and motivating.
Our one-on-one lessons quickly progressed and each week gave me more confidence and helped me with my pronunciation and grammar. Devy is a natural teacher and assists the conversation in French to flow so much that it feels more like chatting than ‘education’.
I would highly recommend any nervous beginners to contact French Speak to learn French. You certainly won’t be disappointed!
Merci Devy, I look forward to continuing our lessons again soon.

~ Tammy S

Devy is a wonderful teacher and her class is fun and engaging. I love how the activists deepen the knowledge of what we are learning and we get lots of opportunities to speak and practice due to the intimate group of students in the session. Highly recommended joining her events!

~ Winnie

This event really helps improve your speaking skills because you’re speaking individually with a few people. And it was so much fun!

~ Lilette

I love these sessions, they really have me progress

~ Susan E

One of the best event for beginners in French

~ Hafiz

When I was in Brisbane for a month for work, I had some private lessons with Devy and I can tell you that a lesson with her is never boring. She always found interesting and creative ways to explain things to me, like things to do with grammar or culture. I was delighted to find out that my course was focussed on what’s relevant to me and what I would like to learn. I also had a good time at the meetup, where I was able to practice things I’d recently learned with friendly people. If you would love to improve your French in a stress-free environment, choose Devy as your teacher!

Quand j’étais à Brisbane pendant un mois pour travail, j’ai pris des leçons privées avec Devy et je peux vous dire qu’une leçon avec elle n’est jamais ennuyeuse. Elle a trouvé toujours les façons intéressantes et créatives de m’expliquer des choses, par exemple les points de grammaire ou les points culturels. J’étais ravi de découvrir que mon cours était focalisé sur ce qui me concerne et ce que je voudrais apprendre. J’ai passé aussi un bon moment au meetup, ou j’avais l’opportunité de pratiquer les choses que je venais d’apprendre avec des gens amicaux. Si vous aimeriez vous améliorer le niveau de français dans un environment sans stress, je vous conseilles de sélectionner Devy comme votre prof!

~ Alice Chance

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