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STOP second-guessing how to pronounce French and
finally gain the confidence you need
to be understood and understand more in conversations

A flexible online program to break you free from frustration and embarrassment, improve your accent, be clearly understood and comprehend more when you hear French.

Proven methods selected for English speakers by a native French teacher and coach with 25+ years of experience.

Struggling to be understood?

Still daydreaming about speaking French like a native speaker?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

You’ve spent time, money and energy but it’s still difficult.

Perhaps you’ve been putting off learning how to properly speak until one day when you have time or you move to France.

You’re so nervous that you keep engaging in an avoidance cycle like watching French movies with subtitles and thinking you are on your way to improving.

You can understand quite a bit of French but once in a spontaneous setting, you feel embarrassed by your speaking skills.

You’ve put in lots of hours on your own learning, yet your focus has been on new vocabulary and new grammar concepts as a result speaking clearly and listening with ease have been put on the back burner.


After all this time, you still feel like you can’t converse confidently, you’re beginning to be afraid you never will, and – even worse- thinking it is time to retire your language goals.


You are not alone!


There is a large portion of French learners who share your pain and are challenged by the pronunciation aspect of the language, and struggle to be understood, not to mention comprehend when they’re spoken to.


If you don’t solve this issue once and for all, then becoming a proficient French speaker will not magically happen.

During your travels, you’ll be unable ask for directions or understand the answers given

You’ll be unable to place an order at a restaurant without the waiters switching to English and you feeling embarrassed

You’ll be frustrated by your inability to engage in two-way conversations with French speakers.

Here are some of the stories

you might have been telling yourself:

I’m afraid of trying again as I have not gotten any results so far and my mouth just won’t comply.

I can’t do it….I am too nervous of what they are going to think of me when I open my mouth with my strong accent. When I try, I sound silly.

I’m already taking regular French lessons and I don’t have the time.

It doesn’t matter anyways as I will never really understand native speakers speaking at full speed … maybe I’m just too old!

I have a hard time understanding where the words start and end when I’m listening to spoken French. Nevermind those tiny little words that seem to carry so much meaning.


French sounds are just way too strange and wrapping my mouth around them is near-impossible.

I just don’t know how to make those sounds as they don’t exist in English!

No one has ever explained to me how to move my mouth, tongue and jaw correctly and precisely… I’m just guessing.

Of course you gave up on the sounds that do not exist in your native English language.

An advantage for you:

It is never too late to accomplish your goal of mastering French pronunciation and progressing your understanding to a point that it becomes more comfortable for you to carry a conversation even with a fluent native French speaker.


The only way you can do that is with hands-on accompaniment and support.


There are numerous claims out there promising that they can make you speak like a native – but they fall short on showing you how!


In all honesty, the great news for you is that there is no need to give up!


All you’ll need to know and draw upon are the tools that will actually guide you to pronounce clearly and more confidently so that you are better understood when you speak.


The bonus: You’ll be able to comprehend easily even when you are being spoken to at what seems like bullet-like speed!


So, what will you need


All it will take is the guidance of an expert bilingual teacher to show you how you can finally learn to pronounce those Rs, the nasals, know how to avoid all the silent letters and other tricky French pronunciation rules that might be tripping you up.


Ready to say ‘au revoir’ to all that has been holding you back from pronouncing and understanding French better?


Click the link below to get started:

Who is this program for?

You’re keen on improving your accent when speaking French by unlocking the ‘mouth mechanics’ needed.

You currently feel self-conscious about how you sound.

You want to be clearly understood in every interaction without having to repeat yourself endlessly… or switch to English.

You want to understand more of what is said to you without looking like a deer in headlights.

You are willing to do the practices given to you so that you can gain proficiency.

Ready to get going?

What exactly is in the

Pronounce & Understand French Better program?

You’ll receive 2 lessons per week for 12 weeks for each of the 12 focus areas.
➔The first one (part A) is the pronunciation lesson
➔The second one (part B) is the listening and practice lesson.

Each pronunciation lesson will contain:
Video tutorials, Visual explanations filled with easy-to-follow examples, tips to master the new sound and Audios to practice with.

Each listening lesson will contain:
Ways to practice the focus area, Listening activities and Exercises to practice.

VIP Upgrades are available to all students.

Ready to join us today?

Get this full program i.e. 24 easy-to-follow lessons over 12 weeks including all the videos, audio files, simple and effective speaking and listening lessons:

A sneak peek inside:

Weekly Outline

Module 1 – Vowels et Accents

Learn how to recognise more words in sentences when you master tricky vowels and how about those strange looking

symbols – called “accents”.

We’ll take a look at these more closely because often two words have different meanings

simply because of an accent


Module 2 – Combining Vowels

Grouping letters in different combinations is critical as it creates completely different sounds.

Learn how to recognise these ‘semi-voyelles’,so that they make consistent sounds everywhere you see them.


Module 3 – Consonant

These letters are the foundation of words and luckily a lot of them are similar in English.

We will focus on the sound R and others that are different in French too.

Module 4 – Nasal Sounds

This module will take you through a series of clear explanations to pronounce, examples to practice and listening activities to finally master those confusing French nasal sounds.


Module 5 – Silent letters & Liaisons

We will take a look at all these letters that the French choose to ignore or chop off in words and also master when new sounds are added due to “liaisons”.


Module 6 – Exceptions

French has its fair share of common exceptions and this lesson will help you so that it no longer trips you up. Just as in the English language there are times where you have to put aside the rule and rely on context instead.

Module 7 – Difficult Words

Some French sounds are trickier than others to master. Combine a few of those difficult sounds all in one single word and you’ll have a working list of those challenging words.


Module 8 – Spoken French

Take a dive into learning some useful keys to speak like a French person and spot what they are saying when the conversation is going at full speed.


Module 9 – Highlight on Adjectives

Improve your oral comprehension even when the speed at which French is being spoken at what seems like a bullet train.

We will first, slow things down and then take a look at “les adjectifs” so they can give us clues to help unlock other parts of the sentence.

Module 10 – Highlight on Verbs

Verbs can sound very similar but one extra final sound can change the meaning of a question or a statement.


Module 11 – Highlight on Numbers

Recognise them fast when they come up in conversation for example:

dates, prices, times…

We will study a few pronunciation rules and exceptions. From there on, you’ll be able to say and understand numbers with much more ease!


Module 12 – Intonation & Rhythm

Understand better where we add stress to certain syllables and intonation throughout words and sentences.

Getting this tempo right will be sure to make you sound more French instantly.

What clients are saying

I am so grateful to Devy Baseley for her 12wk Pronounce & Understand French Better mini-course that I just completed. 🌸 It was mini (bite sized twice/week) but also not mini (12wks)!

I got soooo much out of it, more than I expected. I really enjoyed Devy being in my inbox twice per week. 😊 It surprisingly helped me through the last 3 months working from home even especially during this lockdown period. Devy is an amazing teacher. With little practices & exercises to help concrete learning, it was a great refresher for words. Plus I found out little things I never knew about conversational French! My listening has also dramatically improved.

You’re amazing Devy & thank you!

If you are ready to take your French to the next level, then I highly recommend enrolling in this course! 😘

Leah F

“Friendly and knowledgeable, Devy has helped me grasp the basics of French + its pronunciation and take me to an intermediate level! My goal was to learn so I could communicate better with my in-laws and it has worked. They always compliment me on my progress and my accent…

I recommend her classes to everyone who is daunted about learning a new language. Her teachings are always fun and very interesting.“

Ann N

“I highly recommend Devy’s methods. I was nervous at first but her way of teaching has been iinvaluable to my progress. I wish I’d gotten help with my pronunciation and listening sooner.“

Sally E

Additional perks when you join

‘Pronounce and Understand French Better’ program

You’ll grow your vocabulary with the short and regular videos.

You’ll have a much richer and deeper experience when travelling to a French speaking country as you accent will no longer be an obstacle.

You’re opening doors to new possibilities in your life when you understand more spoken French to join in conversations but also enjoy songs and movies in French.

You’re building your identity as a more confident French learner and speaker by working on your pronunciation and improving how you sound when speaking French.

You’re building your identity as a more confident French learner and speaker by working on your pronunciation and improving how you sound when speaking French.

Ready to begin?

And, you’ll be getting so much more to take you

from unsure to successful communicator.


Help is here to support you every step of the way!

I designed this program so you no longer have to continue struggling and trying to figure out on your own the most common pronunciation issues that most English speakers learning French have.


Finally, you can:

Pronounce that dreaded French R (all it really takes is a bit of mouth training which I will show you how to master in the program).

Understand how those unique French vowels (nasals or not) actually work, and how to shape your tongue and lips to form them easily.

Learn the everyday ‘non-official’ pronunciation rules that French people use which makes their fast speech so fast.

Ready to jump on the train of peace and ease on your

French mastery quest?

Hurry and grab this made-for-you offer, click on the link below:

Any questions?

Email me at enquire [at]

Questions learners ask me before jumping into

“Pronounce and Understand French Better”

What if I am too busy?

I have made this super flexible for your schedule. This is a self-study program which you can pause and resume at any time, so you’ll never miss anything! I have made it super easy for you to slip it into your life with little disruption.

I am a complete beginner. Will this work for me?

Yes. I have created this curriculum and designed it specifically for any stage you might be at in your learning journey. It will take you from where you are to where you want to go, even if you’re starting from scratch.

I am not sure which level I am at.

I designed this as a very complete course, the mini-lessons in the first half of the course (Modules 1-6) will be the foundations and then you’ll progress to learning some finer, more advanced pronunciation and building your listening skills (Modules 7-12).

Do I get feedback on my questions and pronunciation?

Send your questions to me at any time during the course either by replying to the twice-weekly emails or commenting below the video in the question area. If you need feedback on your pronunciation or for more accountability support over the 12 weeks, it is recommended that you register for the Gold upgrade. The Gold upgrade will give you access to me through the course as well as support you further with pronunciation practice both at the beginning and the end of the program.

What if I have no knowledge about technology?

I made it super easy for you to access. All you will need is an email address to which I will be sending the bite-sized modules 2x per week, so you won’t need any extra login username, password or to have to install any software. The modules will be sent to your email inbox before your sessions. Can’t get any easier!

Can I get a refund?

We want you to be satisfied with our program and if for some reason you are not happy with the material, we will send you a refund only if it is within the first 14 days, no questions asked.