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The French language is full of tricks but this one will be familiar to you in English as well. Homophones or words that sound the same but spelt differently and hence have different meanings are present in all languages, but what French words with different meaning and with the same pronunciation have you come across in your learning?

French words pronounced the same with different meanings

Context is everything when dealing with French Homophones, (remember – words that sound the same but are spelt differently). It’s important to listen and understand the entire situation when listening to homophones. Some can still be tricky though, but we can get through that by adding the words to our French word bank.

French words, same pronunciation

On the French Speak YouTube Channel, I go through 22 different French homophones to help with your French listening and pronunciation skills. You can watch the video below, where I show you the different spellings and meanings of the words while saying the words to show the similar pronunciation.

Et voilà ! You now know the difference between these pesky homophones that sound the same but have different meanings and with some practice you’ll be able to spot them easily so you can write and use them properly!


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To help learners like you gain even more confidence in speaking and understanding more French, I’ve created a special training called ‘Tricky French Sounds’ so you can learn to spot those typically French sounds when you hear them and perfect how you say them yourself.