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Learning to count to 20 in the language of the country you are visiting is a basic and essential step in preparing for a trip.

Here are a few reasons why I think it’s an essential skill:

1. Being able to count to 20 in the local language will help you communicate more effectively with local people, especially when you are shopping or paying for things and who doesn’t want to order in French at the bakery!

2. Your confidence will get a boost knowing how to count to 20 in French as you can give your hotel street address or understand your platform number at the train station

3. By learning even basic numbers in French, you show respect and appreciation for the local culture, which will help build better relationships and improve your experience while traveling. After each trip, my students always share their improved travel experience as they were able to connect better and all their efforts – even imperfect French with a strong accent – were welcomed by the French people they encountered.

4. It may help you get out of a pickle when you navigate unfamiliar situations and avoid misunderstandings, especially if you are traveling alone or in unfamiliar areas.


Using the International Phonetic Alphabet, you get:

0 – zéro [zeʁo]

1 – un [œ̃]

2 – deux [dø]

3 – trois [tʁwa]

4 – quatre [katʁ]

5 – cinq [sɛ̃k]

6 – six [sis]

7 – sept [sɛpt]

8 – huit [ɥit]

9 – neuf [nøf]

10 – dix [dis]

11 – onze [ɔ̃z]

12 – douze [duz]

13 – treize [tʁɛz]

14 – quatorze [katɔʁz]

15 – quinze [kɛ̃z]

16 – seize [sez]

17 – dix-sept [dis.sɛt]

18 – dix-huit [dis.ɥit]

19 – dix-neuf [dis.nøf]

20 – vingt [vɛ̃]


Watch the video here:

French numbers 0-20 : Fast Beginner Lesson with Teacher


Overall, learning to count to 20 in the local language before a trip is a simple yet essential step in preparing for a successful and enjoyable travel experience.


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