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As your French teacher, I love to share ways to keep your language learning engaging. Today, I’m here to share some fun and effective strategies that go far beyond the traditional textbook approach. If you have predominantly been learning in this classic way and are happy with your progress, that is great. If on the other hand, you’re ready to mix things up, then read on.

Whether you’re sipping a café au lait in a Parisian bistro or chatting with friends in French online, the real magic of language learning happens when we step out of the classroom and into the world. 

Let’s explore together seven exciting ways to improve your French!


1 – Discover the Joys of French-Speaking Clubs

Joining a French-speaking club or group is not just about enhancing your language skills; it’s about connecting with a community that shares your passion for all things French. In my language learning journey, I’ve used Meetup website.

It’s often the perfect setting to practice your speaking and listening skills in a relaxed, supportive environment. 

So why not take the plunge? Look for local or online communities; you might be surprised at the rich experiences and friendships that await!


2 – Embrace the Digital Era with French Learning Apps

In today’s digital age, learning French has never been more accessible or fun. With a multitude of apps at your fingertips, you can turn every spare moment into an opportunity to engage with the language. 

Whether it’s playing interactive games on Duolingo or completing structured lessons on Busuu, these apps – the only two I’ve used myself for more than a few weeks – offer a flexible and enjoyable way to supplement your learning. 

Remember, consistency is key – make it a daily habit, and watch your French skills flourish.


3 – Dive into the Rich World of French Media

There’s a whole world of French media waiting to be explored – from captivating movies to enchanting music, and from intriguing podcasts to enthralling TV shows. 

In fact, engaging with media is not just about listening and watching; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture. Try watching a French movie without subtitles, or listen to a French song and sing along. 

These are fun, effective ways to improve your comprehension and pronunciation, all while enjoying the cultural nuances of the language.

For music, I’ve created an 80’s and 90’s playlist of French songs I grew up listening. 

To my Intermediate learners, I often recommend listening to RFI (Radio France Internationale).

If you are learning from Australia, SBS on demand has plenty of French movies and series to pick from.


4 – Bring French into Your Everyday Life

One of the most effective strategies for mastering French is to weave it seamlessly into your daily routine. 

Start small – change your phone and GPS to French, label objects in your home in French, follow a French recipe, follow to a French blog about your favourite hobby, or speak to your dog in French. These small actions build up over time, transforming your everyday environment into a rich learning landscape. And the best part? It’s all part of your daily life, making learning feel effortless and natural.


5 – Experience French Culture First-Hand

There’s no substitute for experiencing French culture first-hand. Whether it’s attending a French film festival, visiting a French bakery (hopefully there’ll be a French-speaking staff member), or participating in French cultural events, these mini experiences deepen your understanding of the language and its context. 

Even if you’re not brave enough to speak in French on the day, it may give you an opportunity to eavesdrop and soak in a bit of French conversations.

As much as you can, embrace every opportunity to dip your toes in the culture – it’s a delightful and enriching way to connect with the language on a deeper level.


6 – Enhance Your Conversational Skills with French Speak’s Program

Finally, for those of you seeking to elevate your conversational skills, French Speak’s program, “The Art of French Conversation: Intermediate Series,” is a gem if I can say so myself 😊

This program was designed on purpose to improve your speaking and understanding skills through practical, real-life scenarios, providing an invaluable platform to practice and perfect your French within a small and supportive group. 

It’s a wonderful way to gain confidence and fluency, making your conversations flow as smoothly as a fine French wine.


You can say au revoir to your old textbook now and try something more engaging!

Each of the above strategies offers a unique path to enhancing your French language skills and add a bit of fun to the process. 

Remember, learning French is not just about memorising vocabulary or mastering grammar – it’s about opening doors to new worlds, making connections (before and then on your travels), and discovering the joy of communication. 

Alors, try one or two of these and let your French learning adventure unfold with more excitement!

If you’d like more help with your Intermediate French skills, I hope you’ll reach out to contact French Speak.