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“I was in Montréal for a few days at the beginning of August to attend a music festival, called Osheaga, and also to surprise a friend that moved over.

I loved my short time in Montréal. It is such a beautiful city and I really enjoyed visiting the historic precinct which was only a short 10 minute train ride from the CBD where I was staying.

I have been learning French with Devy at French Speak for around 8 months now and I was confident to speak French while ordering food, getting around the city on the Metro and general conversation in shops. It was nice to be over there and be able to speak a bit of the language.”


Learn French-Canadian Words, Expressions and Accents

Our lovely teacher Caroline from Canada agreed to join me on the French Speak YouTube channel to teach you:


French-Canadian expressions that French people cannot understand. You can watch the video here.


Many French adult learners ask me about the difference in accents. I love the Québecois accent personally and here we contrast single words (Can you hear the difference?): Months in French:


and Days of the week in French:


In this video, you can learn 10 words overheard in Montréal Québec that even the French can’t guess

If you’d like more help with your Intermediate French skills, I hope you’ll reach out to contact French Speak.