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Understanding and using possessives like “my,” “your,” “his,” “her,” “our,” and “their” in French is an essential part of the language. These possessives are used to show ownership and relationships, and they are a key aspect of communicating effectively in French.

Now, I know that learning all of the different ‘pesky little words’ in French can seem overwhelming at first, but trust me, it’s a crucial part of your journey.

At the very beginning you start with:

a car or the car

Start by mastering these French possessive adjectives, you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly and effectively soon enough it’ll become second nature to you.

MY car,

YOUR dog,

HIS work,

HER plane,

OUR French homework…

You’ve got this! Just add the possessives to your repertoire today and start using them – you’ll see they’re not that scary!


Possessives in French
Learn French possessives with ease – How to say My Your His Her Our Their in French


Keen to learn more?

Our “Beyond Beginner French” program is the perfect place to begin!

Ever feel like you will never move past the Beginner phase in French and manage a conversation even a basic one?

As a Beginner French learner for long enough now,  you’ve probably bought enough French language ‘stuff’ along your journey (books, CDs even tapes back then, apps, courses…) to be able to recognise quite a bit of French – at least in written form.

Yet you struggle to put it all together when you need it most.

At the end of this 12-week period, you’ll have focused on 3 pillars of conversation and reviewed the basic grammar to put it all together to be able to have some basic conversations confidently and use the French you have in a more fluent manner.


We’d love to help you reach your French fluency goal and here’s the link to get in touch.