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As you progress in your French learning journey, you may begin to wonder at what point you’re ready to “level up” from intermediate to advanced lessons. This transition will look different for each student.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the signs you may be ready for advanced lessons.
Are you ready? Here we go!

You feel confident in your French

Confidence is one of the key signs that you are ready to tackle the next level of French. And of course, it’s all relative. For most of learners, it’s a matter of being confident to give it a try and know they have enough French to fall back onto in case they enter a conversation topic they know nothing about or pick up the wrong end of the stick altogether.

Would you feel confident to ‘give it a go’? 

If you still need to double-check your verb conjugations, or forget common words in your vocabulary lists, you’re probably not quite ready for advanced lessons. But if you’re easily mastering your sentence structures, it might be time to try something more challenging.

You actively seek new study materials
Another indicator that you’re ready to advance is when you feel your current study materials are getting too easy for you.

If you can go through the activities in your textbook without trying to hard (it all feels like revisions), you may just be ready for advanced French lessons. With a tutor, you can explore more complex sentence structures, become a more confident speaker or even work towards obtaining your DELF.

Usually you already use a variety of sources for your French such as watching a series, listening to a podcast, attending language practice events, reading blogs in French, using a French learning app…

You want to learn how to sound more natural
Reading, writing, holding a basic conversation… you can do all this, but you feel your sentences are a little bit “stiff”, not how a French speaker would say it…

If you’ve ever been chatting with a native speaker – your tutor, a language exchange partner or penpal – you may be familiar with this feeling. You are able to communicate well and understand each other, but your sentences are straight out of a textbook, often too formal for the occasion.

Wanting to explore and experiment with more natural-sounding French is a good sign you’re ready for
advanced lessons. We can of course help you work on different scenarios where you’d speak with someone for business purposes one minute, then communicate with friends and understand their spoken slang.

You want to express your personality and humour in French
Simple conversation exchange is one thing, but having a conversation full of wit and laughter is on a whole new level!

At some stage, you’re going to want to learn how to showcase your personality through your French. Learning how to make a conversation flow, understanding French humour and puns, then using them in your communications is a delightful part of advanced lessons!

So, you’re ready for advanced lessons… but what does that really mean?
Advanced lessons generally means becoming fluent in a non-native language.

Many countries will have an established examination program to determine a student’s language ability. For French, we have the DELF and DALF exams.

These range from A1 (beginner) to C2 (fluent).

If you are simply studying French for the joy of the language, you may not even pursue official DELF
examination. But, if your study is for work, school or long-term travel, you may like to achieve a certain level of accreditation to back up your skills.

Many of our learners choose to do the exams to stay motivated and on track to fluency.

This is where our French Speak advanced lessons will help you. We also offer ‘Exam success consultation’ where we help learners choose the right level, understand what to focus on and how to prepare for these exams, take a look here for more info.

Our friendly tutors can help assess your current level, challenge you to move up and provide consistent
support in all areas of French learning – conversation practice, reading, writing, and much more!

If you’re ready to take on a new challenge, book a French lesson or Exam success consultation with us today by contacting us right here!

Not sure what your current level is?

Don’t worry! We can also help assess your current skill level and advise you on next steps.