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Let me teach you 12 endearing French terms we use for our loved ones in France.

Watch the video to see how it is spelled and hear how to pronounce them correctly.

You don’t need all 12 but some will make you smile!

  1. Mon bébé (Babe, My baby)
  2. Mon chéri, Ma chérie (My darling)
  3. Mon loulou (mon loup = my wolf)
  4. Mon lapin (my rabbit – used for men)
  5. Mon canard (my duck)
  6. Ma biche (my deer – used for women)
  7. Mon chou (my cabbage)
  8. Mon Coeur (my heart)
  9. Mon chat, Mon chaton (my cat, my kitten)
  10. Mon trésor (my treasure)
  11. Mon ange (my angel)
  12. Ma puce (my flea)

Here’s how to pronounce them:

Pick your favourite one and tell us below which one it is.


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