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Small talk about the weather is a universal icebreaker. For learners of French at the beginner level, discussing the weather is not only practical but also gives you the chance to practice your vocabulary and conversational skills. To keep it simple I’ve listed 30 simple sentences to help you chat about the weather in French.

Start with Basic Weather Descriptions

        1.      Il fait beau aujourd’hui. – It’s nice out today.
        2.      Il pleut. – It is raining.
        3.      Le temps est nuageux. – The weather is cloudy.
        4.      Nous avons un grand soleil. – It’s very sunny.
        5.      Il fait froid ce matin. – It’s cold this morning.
        6.      Il y a du brouillard. – It’s foggy.
        7.      Il fait chaud pour la saison. – It’s warm for the season.
        8.      Il neige. – It’s snowing.
        9.      Le vent est fort aujourd’hui. – The wind is strong today.
        10.    Il gèle – It’s freezing cold.

How to Comment on Weather Changes

        11.     Le temps se rafraîchit. – The weather is getting cooler.
        12.     Il commence à faire nuit plus tôt. – It’s getting dark earlier.
        13.     La pluie s’est arrêtée. – The rain has stopped.
        14.     Le ciel se dégage. – The sky is clearing up.
        15.     On annonce une vague de chaleur. – A heatwave is forecasted.

Time to Express Feelings About the Weather

        16.     J’adore le soleil! – I love the sun!
        17.     Je déteste la pluie. – I hate the rain.
        18.     Ce temps me rend joyeux. – This weather makes me happy.
        19.     Je n’aime pas le froid. – I don’t like the cold.
        20.    La neige me fascine. – The snow fascinates me.

Discuss and Plan Around the Weather

        21.     On peut sortir sans parapluie aujourd’hui? – Can we go out without an umbrella today?
        22.     Il vaut mieux prendre un manteau. – It’s better to take a coat.
        23.     Profitons du beau temps pour se promener. – Let’s enjoy the good weather and go for a walk.
        24.     S’il fait beau, on ira à la plage. – If it’s nice, we’ll go to the beach.
        25.     Si la pluie continue, nous resterons à l’intérieur. – If it keeps raining, we’ll stay inside.

Make Weather Comparisons

        26.     Il fait plus chaud qu’hier. – It’s warmer than yesterday.
        27.     C’est moins venteux aujourd’hui. – It’s less windy today.
        28.     Nous avons moins de pluie que la semaine dernière. – We have less rain than last week.
        29.     L’hiver est plus doux cette année. – The winter is milder this year.
        30.     L’été était très sec. – The summer was very dry.

As you can see, discussing the weather is not just about stating facts; it’s also about expressing your opinions and making plans, which are important aspects of everyday communication in French too. By using the phrases I’ve outlined in this blog, you can comfortably engage in small talk about the weather. So, the next time you find yourself reaching for a topic of discussion, remember that the weather, with its many facets, is always a good choice. Embrace these phrases as stepping stones to broader French conversations and watch your confidence grow with each interaction mes amies!

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