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French Speaking: Easy French Conversation Prompts for Intermediate Learners

Struggling to put your French speaking into practice?

Feel too shy to practice speaking French with other learners?

The most successful learners use every opportunity to overcome that speaking fear.

Here are some easy French Conversation Prompts for Intermediate learners to talk to a stranger in French with ease and keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Hopefully that video gave you easy French conversation prompts to build your confidence to speak in French when you meet someone new.

How to speak French even better

At French Speak, we love to help French learners through our in-person French lessons in Brisbane and online French classes.

If you’re in Brisbane, join our French Speak MeetUp: we meet monthly at various locations around Brisbane.

Time to get help to improve your spoken French?

To help get your speaking skill on par with your reading skill, I’ve designed a private consultation which takes place online where we set your next French language goal.

If you’re not sure what you need to focus on next to improve your spoken French then we’d love to help!

To book your ‘Language Success Consult’ with me (Devy) and tell me a bit about your French capabilities: