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A piece of advice as you embark on your French language learning journey from me: Learning the present tense irregular verbs is an important step for any beginner. This tense plays a big role in forming basic sentences and expressing present or repetitive actions.

Understanding these irregular verbs will help you develop a solid foundation for your French language skills and allow you to communicate effectively.

I know memorising irregular verbs can seem daunting at first, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Once you get the hang of these verbs, you’ll be able to express your thoughts and ideas with confidence, and your French skills will only continue to grow from this foundational tense.


French Irregular verbs

French Grammar Present Tense: Learn Irregular verbs

(all the essential verbs you must know)


Test your French Grammar

Irregular Verbs Present Tense

In the video, I share useful sample sentences and questions using 12 key French Irregular verbs for you to practice.

The examples I use are for everyday conversations in French when you’re visiting France.


Free Challenge “31-day verb challenge”

Want to brush up on some key verbs? One verb per day sent straight to your inbox with a video to take you through the present, past and future tenses.


Keen to get speaking in French? 

Our “Beyond Beginner French” program is the perfect place to do this!

Ever feel like you will never move past the Beginner phase in French and manage a conversation (even a basic one)?

As a Beginner French learner for long enough now, you’ve probably bought enough French language ‘stuff’ along your journey (books, CDs even tapes back then, apps, courses…) to be able to recognise quite a bit of French – at least in written form.

Yet you struggle to put it all together when you need it most.

At the end of this 12-week period, you’ll have focused on 3 pillars of conversation and reviewed the basic grammar to put it all together to be able to have some basic conversations confidently and use the French you have in a more fluent manner.

Here’s HOW the program works.


 We’d love to help you reach your French fluency goal and here’s the link to get in touch.