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Last time, we talked about how to communicate with your tutor before, during and after the class,
with a focus on getting started.

In Part 2 of this blog min-series where I share phrases to survive French online lessons, we’re going a bit more in depth with how to effectively communicate, share and ask questions during your French lesson.

To begin, we’ll cover a few extra phrases around technical difficulties. These are phrases you are
likely to hear from your tutor, or you may need to use yourself during the lesson.

During the French class = pendant la leçon de français
I’m going to share my screen with you = Je vais partager mon écran avec vous
Can you see my screen now? = Vous pouvez voir mon écran ? Vous arrivez à voir mon écran
Are you able to turn the volume up? = C’est possible de monter le volume?
The sound is not clear = Le son n’est pas clair
My connection is weak = Ma connection est faible

Extra addition:

Your screen was frozen  = Ton écran était figé

As you progress through your lesson, you might find that you need your tutor to clarify something
for you. You may want to know how to spell a word or ask your teacher to repeat the word/phrase.

Your tutor will be most impressed if you use these phrases in French rather than English!

Get clarifications = Clarifier
Please type that word in the chat = Tapez ce mot dans la tchat (la boîte de dialogue) s’il vous plaît
How is it spelled? = Comment ça s’épèle? Comment ça s’écrit?
Can you repeat please? = Vous pouvez répéter svp?
I heard … = J’ai entendu …
I missed the start/end = J’ai râté le début/la fin.

An inevitable part of learning online is that there are bound to be distractions. There may be too
much, or not enough light in the room, or you might want to switch from using speakers to using
headphones. You may even need to use the bathroom!

Whatever the distraction is, try to talk about it using these phrases:

Distractions = Distractions
Hang on I have to … = Attends/Attendez, je dois…
Close the door/window = Fermer la porte/ la fenêtre
Turn the light on = Allumer la lumière
Plug in my laptop = Brancher mon ordi portable
Get my headphones = Aller chercher mes écouteurs

We hope that these phrases will help you to communicate with your tutor during online lessons.

Part 1 of this training:

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Remember that learning a new language takes time, practice and some patience. You will need to
practice new words and phrases regularly to make them a part of your repertoire.

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