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Many of my French language students find it difficult to pronounce words that contain the letter Y. While the letter Y is considered a vowel in the French alphabet, certain French words with ‘Y’ often use it as a consonant and put between two vowels and this is where confusion often reigns. Never fear though as I have a secret that I learned when I was a child from my French teacher that will help you with your pronunciation.

The French Letter ‘Y’ aka ‘l grec’ Secret

Ready for the secret tip?

The key to pronounce words with a vowel + Y is to see the Y as two letters in one.

At school my French teacher often drew the Y in such a way that the two arms of the Y each looked like the letter I. So Y equals two I’s. It’s a great reminder that the spelling we see differs from how it is said.



Bruyant (noisy) 

For my adult French learners (often English native speakers) the biggest challenge is pronunciation of the vowel + Y words. They can spell the word easily enough, while for French children the challenge is knowing how to spell the word based on how it is pronounced.

For example,  in the word BRUYANT, meaning noisy, the Y acts as two I’s so we break the word down into two syllables: BRUI-IANT

Now the letters U and I don’t mix so in BRUYANT the U-I will be heard as two different sounds, but the A+I will combine to form a new sound.

Other vowels combine as well, so A+I makes AI and O+I makes OI, so when a Y comes after A or O the A and O are pronounced as AI or OI because the Y splits into double I.

French words with ‘Y’

Most French words with ‘Y’ will behave in this way although there are a few rare exceptions.

Let’s take a look at some more examples of the French words with Y with pronunciation help and add them to your vocabulary bank.


Une Abbaye / pronounced in 3 syllables /A-BBAI-IE / an abbey

Aboyer A-BOI-IER not a-bo-yer / to bark

Appuyer A-PPUI-IER / to press

Le balayage BA-LAI-IAGE / sweeping or highlighting

Balayer BA-LAI-IER / to sweep

Les boyaux BOI-IAUX / guts

Bruyant BRUI-IANT / noisy

Clairvoyant CLAIR-VOI-IANT / clear-sighted

Le crayon CRAI-ION / pencil

Effrayer E-FFRAI-IER / to scare

Un employé EM-PLOI-IÉ / an employee

Ennuyant EN-NUI-IANT / boring or dull

Essuyer E-SSUI-IER / to wipe

Essayage E-SSAI-IAGE / fitting

Incroyable IN-CROI-IABLE / unbelievable

Une layette LAI-IETTE / baby wear

La moyenne MOI-IENNE / average

Noyer NOI-IER / to drown

Payer PAI-IER / to pay

Un paysage PAI-I-SAGE / landscape

Un paysan PAI-I-SAN / farmer or peasant

Rayé RAI-IÉ / striped

Une rayure RAI-IURE / a stripe

Réessayer RÉ-E-SSAI-IER / to try again 

Relayer RE-LAI-IER / to pass on

Renvoyer REN-VOI-IER / to send back

Tutoyer TU-TOI-IER / to call [sb] « tu »

Un tuyau TUI-IAU / hose pipe (or tip)

Vouvoyer VOU-VOI-IER / to call [sb] « vous »

Voyager VOI-IA-GER / to travel


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