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VIDEO 1: Don’t get lost in France

Hey French Speak-ers,

Below is a short interactive 7 minutes video filled with practical sentences to ensure you won’t get lost on your next trip to France.  It provides:

  • Get some help pronouncing place names
  • Understanding basic directions
  • Learn about the area of Lyon.

Watch the video and enjoy!

Finding your way around

Below are a few helpful phrases to help understand – and be understood – as you navigate your way around.  After telling you all about how great it is, the last thing we want is to have you lost in France!


La direction pour votre hôtel, s’il vous plaît
Vous prenez tout droit
Vous traversez le pont

The most straightforward way of asking for directions is to state the place that you’re looking for – concentrating on getting the pronunciation right.


La Cité Internationale, s’il vous plaît ?

Cité Internationale, please?


Pour aller à (au or à la ) … ?

Use this when asking how to get to a particular place.


Pour aller au centre ville, s’il vous plaît ?

How do we get to the city-centre, please?


Answers usually involve the vous part of the verb (ending in -ez), although the word vous is sometimes left out, as in English:

  • (Vous) suivez les panneaux
  • (You) follow the signs
  • (Vous) tournez à droite
  • ( You) turn right


À droite and à gauche can mean either ‘on the right/left’ or ‘to the right/left’ depending on context.


Après le feu c’est à gauche

It’s left after the lights


Prenez le tunnel

Go under the tunnel


Longez le Rhône

Drive alongside the Rhône


C’est indiqué

It’s signposted