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French Lesson: How to say savoury French dishes correctly

Do you love French cuisine?

I’ve selected 20 very well loved savoury French dishes and in the video below I teach you how to pronounce the dish names correctly in French so that you can order off the menu in French with confidence.

Watch this 10 minute French lesson to learn how to pronounce in French:

  1. Aoili
  2. Baguette
  3. Beef Bourguignon
  4. Seafood Stew (La Bouillabaisse)
  5. Slow-baked Casserole (Le Cassoulet)
  6. Duck Confit (le confit de canard)
  7. Coq au vin
  8. Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich (Le Croque Monsieur)
  9. Les Cuisses de Grenouille
  10. Snails (Les Escargots)
  11. le foie gras
  12. La Fougasse
  13. Le Fromage de Chevre
  14. Le Gruyere
  15. Green Beans (Les Haricots verts)
  16. Hors d’oeurve
  17. Olive Oil 
  18. French Pizza (La Pissaladière)
  19. French Fries (Les Pommes Frites)
  20. Salad (La Salade Nocoise)