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Video 2 Names and How to spell them!

Hey French Speak-ers,

Here is a short interactive video filled with practical sentences to help with saying new words and spelling them:

–          Recognise some common French acronyms

–          Say the alphabet

–          Spell your name (vital skill- if only to ask for your hotel room)

–          Learn how to explain what languages you speak a little or very well

Check out this video and enjoy!

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The French alphabet has the same amount of letters (26) as the English one.

Some letters are the same (L, M, N) but most are pronounced differently, generally each letter’s sound is short and sharp.

How to say how many languages you speak

Je parle deux langues.

How to say which languages you speak

Je parle …français, anglais, italien, espagnol…

I speak…French, English, Italian

Je parle anglais.

I speak English.

Vous parlez anglais ?

Do you speak English?

If you speak a language well, say je parle bien, fluently is couramment and if you speak just a little, say je parle un petit peu.

Useful questions:

If you need a word to be spelled out say Ça s’écrit comment ? (how is that written?) or Ça s’épèle comment ? (how is that spelled?)

The verb écrire means ‘to write’ whereas épeler means ‘to spell’ and here it is turned into a reflexive verb, so the phrase literally means ‘how does that write/spell itself?’

You might also want to point at a word and ask how it is pronounced: Ça se prononce comment ?

To ask what something means, use the expression Ça veut dire quoi ?
Ça veut dire quoi, ‘couramment ‘ ? What does “couramment” mean?