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Bonjour, mes chers apprenants en français! 

Let’s be honest that it can be hard for learners to hear and understand spoken French with shortened forms and contractions due to the fact that they don’t match what the words look like on paper.

You may be more familiar with the written form of a word and may not have encountered its shortened form in your French studies. As a result, you may not realise that native speakers of French use these shortened forms in casual conversation, which can make it more difficult for them to understand what is being said.

This phenomenon happens in English too of course: Saying ‘tix’ instead of ‘tickets’, ‘limo’ instead of ‘limousine’, ‘uni’ instead of ‘university’.
Watch my video to discover everyday French Words that we shorten:


❤️ Useful French Words that We Shorten: Help for Fast Spoken French ❤️


Here are other examples of shortened nouns in French:

1. Appartement → Appart

2. Restaurant → Resto

3. Bibliothèque → Biblio

4. Chocolat → Choco

5. Cigarette → Cig

6. Téléphone → Tel

7. Vélociclette → Vélo

8. Ordinateur → Ordi

9. Musique → Musi

10. Télévision → Télé

11. Dictionnaire → Dico

12. Photographie → Photo

13. Infirmerie → Infi

14. Médicament → Médic or Médoc

15. Après-midi → Aprèm

16. Contravention → Contra

17. Institutrice → Instit

18. Anniversaire → Anniv

19. Cinéma → Ciné

20. Association → Assoc


We also shortened proper names often:

1. Mathilde → Math

2. Nathalie → Nath

3. Alexandre → Alex

4. Christophe → Chris

5. Jean-Baptiste → JB

6. Benjamin → Ben

7. Émilie → Émi

8. Frédéric → Fred

9. Guillaume → Guigui

10. Laurence → Lolo

11. Vincent → Vince

12. Carine → Caro

13. Antoine → Tonio

14. Sébastien → Seb

15. Philippe → Phil

16. Nicolas → Nico

17. Julien → Juju

18. Valérie → Val

19. Stéphane → Steph

20. Thomas → Tom

21. Delphine → Delph

22. Sophie → So ou Soso

23. Fabien → Fab

24. Jérôme → Jéjé

25. Sandrine → Sand

26. Olivier → Olive

27. Yannick → Yan


Hope you enjoyed learning about shortened words and names in French.

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French shortened words


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French shortened words