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If you love series that have a mix of Mystery, Thriller and Espionage, you cannot miss Lupin and chances are you’ve already heard of this super popular Netflix series called: Lupin

Just in case here is the official trainer (or if you fancy hearing Omar Sy’s dulcet tones speaking in French)

The basic plot is this:

Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief Assane Diop ([layed by Omar Sy) sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by the wealthy Pelligrini family.

Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise, but a real literary character. I read a few of the books whilst growing up and loved them.

Listening French Practice = Lupin La série Netflix

Listen to my video to practice your listening:

  • First without captions
  • Then you can read along by clicking CC (in bottom right hand-side corner)

Les nouveaux mots Niveau Intermédiaire

un cambrioleur = a burglar

mettre en place = to implement

audacieux = daring

un arnaqueur = a con artist

un déguisement = a disguise

tenter = to try, attempt

au fur et à mesure = gradually

un défi = a challenge

bienveillant = kind, benevolent

se dérouler = to take place

pittoresque = picturesque, quaint

notamment = especially, in particular

Fun French Fact

During ‘La Belle Epoque’, while Maurice Leblanc was writing ‘Arsène Lupin, le cambrioleur gentil-homme’, France had a real-life master thief.

Alexandre Marius Jacob’s life was filled with even more adventure, action and intrigue.

You can read more here

The major events, people and places set in and around 1899 are very real and the Duolingo Podcast has created a special series dedicated to “The Rebel Thief”. You can listen to the first episode here

Finally – calling all the Lupin fans – you’re invited to join us for a 6-week conversation practice series to discuss these 6 episodes this month. For more details and to book your spot, click here:



Voilà, Netflix is releasing chapter 3 in late 2023 and I personally can’t wait! Et vous?

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