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If I had a dollar for every time I was asked the question “Does the French language have different accents like English?”, I could buy my very own island by now.


The answer is OUI.

They’re very diverse accents within France itself and throughout the Francophone world.

I grew up in Paris and moved to the south of France in my teens.

Of course, my accent was the source of joking and teasing amongst my school friends.


In my experience, we can always understand each other and at time, we sometimes need to concentrate extra hard to fully get what they are saying if they have extra strong accents and don’t speak clearly!

One of the most easily recognisable accents for French people is often the ‘accent québécois’.

In this video 🎥, you can learn the days of the week (jours de la semaine) and listen carefully to the way the French and Quebecois accents differ.

With just one word at a time, you’ll see the difference is only slight!

And if pronunciation and improving your listening are something you want to dive in deeper with, take a look at my ‘Pronounce and Understand French better’ online course.

The course doors are now open and you can do the 12 modules in your own time.

French pronunciation