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The tricky French letter R

Firstly, there are so many reasons why learning the alphabet in the language you’re studying is important. If you’re an English speaker, you may have realised that it’s not easy to pronounce the French R… yet!
Not just so you can sing along to the catchy tune of the alphabet song. But there are many practical applications to know we had to spell in French:
  1. If you have a booking at the hotel or at a nice restaurant upon arrival you’ll be asked for your name at that point it may help for you to be able to spell your surname once you’ve said it chances are it sounds very different to French person.
  2. When you catch a taxi, you can be better understood if you can’t say the name clearly, then at least you can spell the name of your hotel, the street address
  3. If you get lost it can be very frustrating to then have to deal with the language barrier. By being able to spell the Metro stop name, You will be sure to save yourself a lot of frustration.

The whole French alphabet

Here is a video where I take you through each letter of the alphabet:

 French Alphabet pronounce the French r

Let’s look more closely at the French R

One of the trickiest letters of all to say is the letter R in French.
So, once you can spell a word with the letter ‘r’, it’s time to practice how to say that French letter R in a word itself.
In this video, I share some funny tips and effective tricks to say it just right as well as some progressively harder pronunciation drills to help improve your pronunciation over time and finally master how to pronounce the French R.
pronounce the French r
In this video, I challenge you to start with easy pronunciation drills then try more advanced ones.
Now you can work towards mastering this tricky R sound.
Remember it’s a practice!
For more personalised feedback simply get in touch to book some lessons with one of our native French speaking French Speak teachers.
As usual, we’re here for all your French learning needs and we love to help learners with their French pronunciation! Simply get in touch to see how we can help now that you’ve learned how to pronounce the French R.

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