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Does the French language have different accents like English? Oui oui oui.

The North, South, East and West are very distinct and even more so between la France and les pays francophones.

I grew up in Paris and moved to the south of France in my teens. Of course, I was teased for my accent.

Even within the south of France, we can hear different accents very clearly.


Don’t worry if you can’t notice them!

If you’re still in the early years of learning and still perfecting your accent, pick your teacher wisely as you will soak up their accent!

One of the most easily recognisable accent is the ‘accent québécois’ as it’s so different to mainland France.

Often we need to concentrate quite a lot to follow along a conversation at full speed.

Some of my closest French friends claim they can’t understand it at all!


In this video 🎥 you can learn the months of the week (jours de la semaine) 📅 and listen carefully to the way the French and Quebecois accents differ.

With just one word at a time, you’ll see the difference is only slight! Next week, the whole video will be a conversation between us two so you’ll notice it even more!

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