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Do you love to travel to France? Can’t get enough of it?

Seeing more than just Paris and venturing as far as Provence is so important to get a feel for the ‘real’ France.


This video is about Seillans, “un petit village provençal” located in Provence, just an hour from the French Riviera.

You can find out more here on wikipedia!

When we run our trips to Provence, we stay local. We visit nearby villages, including my personal favourite, Seillans, which is frequently voted France’s prettiest village due to its stunning floral displays and gorgeous buildings.

Come on a quick virtual visit with our guide aka my gorgeous sister-in-law Adriana who hails from Mexico!

This olden village nestled against the base of a mountain range.

It’s located in the eastern Var, beside the village of Fayence, and just a short drive from Grasse, the perfume capial of the world.

We love spending time on the tiny “Placette de la Route”.

A good excuse to grab a glass of wine at the nearby restaurant and check out the cute square which has fountain and old-fashioned lavoir.

It’s completely shaded by its huge plane tree, whose branches stretch out to cover the entire square and even across the road. I just love this spot!

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The beauty of the French Speak Retreat is two-fold – firstly, you don’t need to book a thing. You just need to get to Nice (direct flights available from many places, including London, Paris and Rome), and we do the rest.

And, most importantly, you’re travelling to the real France, away from the tourists and terrible souvenirs. This is your chance to enjoy an insider’s view into some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The locals love to keep quiet about their favourite spots so it’s lucky that, with French Speak, you’re part of the inner circle!

To find out more about our retreat and what we do when we visit gorgeous Provence, get all the details here:

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