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Oh beautiful Provence and French Riviera! You have my heart forever and ever…

Such a richly diverse area and you’ll never run out of incredible things to discover on each visit.

Follow Adriana – my gorgeous sister-in-law – who made these exclusive videos for French Speak students.

My three “coup de coeur” (favourite) stops

First stop: Seillans

This charming medieval village in Provence has been classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France.

If you’ve ever wondered what an ancient and picturesque hilltop French village looks like, let me introduce you to Seillans.

It’s a very typical Provencal village in all its glory, think hillside houses, (very) steep and narrow roads, quaint squares over-shadowed by plane trees, stunning views of vineyards and olive groves.

This village is also where the artist Max Ernst lived out his final years.

Second stop: Eze

If you ever stay in Nice, this is my most highly recommended day trip.

Discover the Village of Éze, situated in the south of France off the French Riviera.

You will fall in love with the windy lanes, the colourful facades and the friendly people.

If you come to the French Riviera, don’t forget to pop over to Eze!

Third stop: Cannes

This one needs no introduction. Host of the International Film Festival in May each year and home to the rich and famous Cannois (people who live in Cannes).

It’s along La Croisette that you’ll find the most upmarket boutiques and sumptuous hotels you can dream of.

Past all the glitz, you’ll find a lovely shopping pedestrian way as well as a hilltop church overlooking the bay.

Discover them for yourself!

You can discover two out of three of my Coup De Coeur as part of our 7-day French Speak retreat: Seillans and Cannes.

I always recommend to visitors to take 2 days in Nice before we pick them up there so its a perfect window of time to visit Eze.

If you travel alone or with your family or friends, I do hope you go take a look!

There are so many things to discover and these 3 combined will give you a great taster. Give each one a full day so you can take a leisurely stroll around, observe the locals and get a real feel for the South of France!


Devy x