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As you start your French language learning journey, you’ll discover French cognates and how they can be a little tricky to spot, especially for beginners, but they’re a great way to build your vocabulary quickly and easily.

For example, take the word “a place” and “la place.” These words may look the same, but they have the different meaning, making it tricky at times for English speakers to understand written or spoken French.

By recognizing and using cognates like these, you’ll be able to expand your vocabulary and communicate effectively in no time as I’ll teach you what they mean and how to pronounce them.

You’ll start to see patterns and connections between these 50 English and French words, and you’ll be able to use cognates to your advantage and pronounce them correctly the French way.


French cognates words said wrong
50 Common French Words You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong


Keen to learn more?

Our “Beyond Beginner French” program is the perfect place to begin!

Ever feel like you will never move past the Beginner phase in French and manage a conversation even a basic one?

As a Beginner French learner for long enough now, you’ve probably bought enough French language ‘stuff’ along your journey (books, CDs even tapes back then, apps, courses…) to be able to recognise quite a bit of French – at least in written form.

Yet you struggle to put it all together when you need it most.

At the end of this 12-week period, you’ll have focused on 3 pillars of conversation and reviewed the basic grammar to put it all together to be able to have some basic conversations confidently and use the French you have in a more fluent manner.


We’d love to help you reach your French fluency goal and here’s the link to get in touch.