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Bonjour mes amis Francophiles!

Are you ready to take your French skills to the next level and impress all your Francophone friends? Then it’s time to master the use of the tricky preposition “de”!

You might be thinking, “Oh no, not another boring grammar lesson!” But fear not, my dear friends, because today, we’re going to make it fun and memorable by exploring the world of champagne, private jets, travel to Paris, photographs of vineyards, and shopping on the French Riviera.

The preposition “de” is a crucial element in French grammar and can be used to indicate possession, origin, material, and more. So, let’s see how we can use it to add some flair to our Francophile fantasies.

For example:

  • Je bois du champagne français. (I drink French champagne.)
  • Je voyage en jet privé de Londres à Paris. (I travel by private jet from London to Paris.)
  • Je visite Paris de temps en temps. (I visit Paris from time to time.)
  • Je finirai de lire mon roman sur Croisette (I’ll finish reading my novel on the Croisette beach)
  • Je prendrai de belles photos des vignobles en Provence. (I will take beautiful photos of the vineyards in Provence.)
  • J’ai envie de faire du shopping sur la Côte d’Azur. (I feel like shopping on the French Riviera.)


In this video, I’ll break down in details level by level the different uses of the tricky preposition DE:


All Your Questions Answered : French Preposition DE


As you can see, mastering the use of the preposition “de” is essential in making your sentences more precise and accurate.

So, mes amis, it’s time to get to work and start mastering the use of “de”. And you’ll see, you will even find yourself using these seamlessly with a bit of practice!


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